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Keeping diaries has been an age old tradition and isn’t something new for so many people. Many decide to create and use diaries for various reasons. For some, diaries are kept because they feel that there are events/occurrences important enough in their lives to keep track of. In this article, we would show you new ways to write up daily memories using 365 Jar of memories.

Below is a list of reasons that people may choose to maintain a diary, and why you should too.

The list below are a few reasons why people may choose to maintain a diary, and why you should too.

To record and recall events and issues
The diary can be a valuable tool to determine many things about past occurrences and events. Past records are all that we have to go on when we want to know history. If they incorrect the results can be disastrous.

To new perspectives

Reflecting on problems, situations, and circumstances will often help us to understand the viewpoints of others, and provide insight and knowledge that we otherwise would not receive.

To freely express your own thoughts and feelings

Lots of people like to ponder or reflect on past situations and events. Recording thoughts and feelings will help others to understand why you do what you do along with past experiences which may have been either nice or not so nice.

 It helps one to have better self-reflection

This can be a form of meditation. It often times helps one reflect on the mistakes that one made in the past when dealing with a certain situation, persons, and circumstances. It’s a form of self-assessment of situations which you may have been involved in, problems that you encountered.

To get a mental release

It often helps when we communicate our feelings and problems to others. A diary can offer an acceptable alternative to verbally venting your beliefs about people, places, or events which have happened in life. The act of writing problems on paper is an active practice. Anytime you write problems on paper or speak them, you are indirectly releasing frustration in a physical way.

We would like to share with you a more creative and fun way of writing daily diaries. It’s simple and quite easy, it’s the 365 Jars of memories.

  • Get an empty glass jar
  • Get 365 little notes, you can decide to use colored ones so your jar can be colored too.
  • Start the year with beautiful and memorable events that took place each day and drop into your jar.
  • On 31st December, open up your jar and read up your little note
    This is surely a good way to start and end the year.  



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