Lovely Tweets on Marriage

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Bride Bouquet

If you are on Twitter, you should consider following these accounts because they share beautiful words of wisdom about marriage. Here are a few that stood out to us and we hope you’re able to go away with something.


Marriage is not a walk in the park – it takes your attention and active involvement to make it work well. ~ Marriage Works @mrgwrks


Little acts of affection in marriage draw your hearts together. They communicate value and closeness. ~ Marriage Today @marriagetoday


The tone of your words will open your spouse to more conversation or lead him/her to shut down. ~ Marriage Works @mrgwrks


Hands in Marriage


Insulting your spouse publicly and/or privately reveals a lot about your character. ~ Marriage Works @mrgwrks


He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass. (Herbert) ~ Marriage Works @mrgwrks


These are great gems and our personal favourite is Number 5. When you’re tempted to hold on to something your spouse has done and refuse to forgive, remind yourself that you are not perfect and you will also make mistakes and hurt the other person.

Forgiveness is a bridge over which we all must pass. Don’t burn your bridges, learn to forgive.

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