Mac Studio Fix Powder: Product Review

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Product: Mac Studio Fix

Mac is one of the most popular makeup brands for women of colour. Nigerian women particularly like the powders and liquid foundations. The powder is great in that you can choose the shade that suits your skin tone and there are several options to choose from. Also, if you do not have a complicated beauty routine, then you can get away with swiping the powder over your face and little else.


On the plus side, the Mac Studio Finish gives you a smooth and flawless look, yet it keeps your skin looking as natural as possible.You come out looking like you have exceptionally good and glowing skin and people around you would have to be really observant to realise that you actually used something.

I’m not really a foundation person so I really love that this is powder (even if it does have some foundation in it). I only caved in and began using MAC 3 years ago and I can’t help wondering how I coped without it. I have never regretted using the powder and what I love about it is that I can choose to go without and I don’t immediately look like something is desperately wrong with me.


The down side is that it is rather on the high side. I bought mine the first time 3 years ago for N8,000. Then I bought it again this year (2015) at N6,500. Of course, when you consider that a small case of Mac powder can last you well over a year (mine was over two years), then it is well worth the money spent.

Do we recommend it?

Yes, we at NH HQ absolutely recommend Mac Powder. We don’t know if there are fakes in the market yet, but if you want a place where you are sure you will always get original make up, check with Gifty’s Daughter.


What powder do you use and how are you enjoying it?






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