Makeup: How to get Smokey Eyes

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Getting that smoky eye look is not limited to just your makeup friends and artists, but to anyone with the correct tools and a little know-how.

Learn how to apply eye shadows for your smoky eye by following these steps below.

Makeup Tools:

  • 3 different shades of eye shadow
  • Eye shadow brushes
  • Mirror

Smokey Eyes tips

  • Use your eye shadow brush to apply the lightest shade of your eye shadow first. Start from the inside corner of your eyelid on both your upper and lower eyelids.
  • Take the slightly darker shade of  your eye shadow shade and sweep it over the entire eyelid.
  • Add the darkest shade of eye shadow to the outside corner of your eyes, rub it in a ‘C’ shape around the eye lid from the point at the upper edge of your lash line to the inner eye lids.
  • For a more dramatic look to your classic smoky eye, apply a little of your dark shadow under your eye onto your lower lid.
  • You can also use an eyeliner pencil to draw a thick line across your upper lash line only. Then, use your makeup brush or fingertip to blur the edges upwards.
  • Blend your shadows and clean off excess makeup.


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