Makeup VS Hot Weather

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Makeup VS Hot Weather

The weather in the past few weeks has been for most of us, extremely hot. What effect does it have on our makeup? What do we do differently? Whatever the occasion; either your every day or a night out, keep your makeup looking cool and pretty in this extreme heat with these tips:

Go Easy on Your Normal Routine

Once the weather is really hot a face with plenty make up can become runny and messed up. This then suggests applying your makeup with some sort of strategy. Using a powder formulation would help in soaking up any excess oil.

Makeup Multitasking

To combine moisturizing and evening out your skin tone, trying using a tinted lotion. The best type of lotion would be one with sun protection. Apply this as a basic moisturizer.

Reduce Colour Cosmetics

For those with a fairer complexion, the weather adds colour to your cheeks, so you really don’t need much more colour. If you desire a bit more colour, use a stain or liquid blush that can stand the heat and won’t run.

Choose Matte

Matte makeup lasts longer than creamier makeup, and because it has no petrolatum or mineral oil, it will not crease. It is good for oily skin as well since it is oil-absorbing.

For the Eyes

Eyeshadow is known to crease in the heat, you may prefer swapping with a form of eyeliner instead. If you must use eyeshadow, use a primer before putting on the eyeshadow (this will help it last longer)


In this weather, you must use a water-resistant or waterproof type as any moisture will cause the regular kind to run.

Lip Color

Any sort of heat will melt your lipstick, making it smear and run. Spend some time applying lip liner before the lipstick as it will keep it in place. (A lip pencil would also help in keeping colour in place.) Tone down the liner by matching it to the lipstick or your natural lip shade.

Use Sunscreen

With the heat we are experiencing now, all of us need to begin taking the use of sunscreen very seriously. Try and use a broad-spectrum type to protect your skin.

In summary, go with less makeup as much as possible and waterproof wherever you can. Do not let the heat get you down and make the best of it. Be beautiful, ladies!


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