Mid-Week Productivity Tip: Focus

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“Our ability to focus will allow us to create in ways that perhaps we haven’t in years. It’ll allow us to slow down and find peace of mind. It’ll allow us to simplify and focus on less — on the essential things, the things that matter most.” – Leo Babauta

Focus is the ability to start a thing, concentrate on it and stay with it till it’s complete. And focus is what so many of us do not have. As women we are natural at multitasking; it’s a habit with us. It is this multitasking that allows a woman to feed a baby while she has food cooking on the stove and still manage to hold a decent conversation on her cellphone at the same time. It is useful skill to have. However, if you want to increase productivity and get more done in a day, you need to focus.

Whether you are a career woman, a business woman or a fulltime stay at home mum, learning the power of focus is important and will help you, not just in becoming more productive, but also in your relationships. The time your husband wants your attention is not the time you should suddenly realize your multitasking skills. FOCUS on the man. Same with your kids.

We can’t always completely focus as busy Nigerian women, but as much as we can, let’s face one thing and concentrate on it till it’s complete.






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