The 9 Mistakes Party Hosts Often Make

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Just because someone is organizing a party and is excited about hosting a party doesn’t mean that they will also be a great host.

There are many mistake even the most well-intentioned of hosts make without even realizing. Let’s look at 5 such mistakes and learn how to avoid making them.


Beautiful home to host a party


Choosing the Wrong Place

In order to host a successful party, the primary requirement is a suitable place. Many people find it easier to host one at their homes, but they often underestimate the amount of work that takes. From shifting the furniture to preparing meals, there is a lot that needs to be done before the house looks guest-ready. Therefore, if one isn’t way enthusiastic about all the cleaning and aftermath, it is best to host one some place outside of home. What places, you might ask?

    1. A club
    2. Party on a cruise
    3. At the beach
    4. In a hotel’s banquet
    5. In a park


Forgetting About the Flow

However, if you are planning to arrange a party at your home, it is important that you take note of how you are going to reorganize the furniture. The flow of the house or a room determines how the people will move around. It is a given that there will be more people than usual, so make sure that a proper pathway to the goodies (food and drinks) is organized.


part host food


Expecting Guests to Help Themselves with Food and Drink


Another mistake many hosts makes when hosting a party is assuming that the guests will help themselves when they feel like eating or drinking. They don’t know your house or kitchen the way you do so you can’t expect them to know that the cookies are kept tucked away , or that beers have to be pulled out from the fridge. Ensure that everything is out in plain sight for them to see and enjoy.


Not Arranging For Proper Entertainment:


One may want to host a party for a number of reasons –anniversary, homecoming, birthday, graduation, wedding etc., but to make it successful, you will need to be an entertainer and not just a host. This expansion of roles involves ensuring that the guests are having a good time. For starters, have some good music playing in the background for the guests to enjoy when they don’t have anything more to talk about, second, organize a few games if you think the party might get boring or last, organize some entertainment like a photo booth and some props. Or you could make an even greater impression on your guests and send them home with some custom designed memories like wine glasses, bottle coolers, carriers, openers etc.


entertainment for party hosts


Expecting The Guests To Introduce Themselves On Their Own:


Lastly, many hosts also make the blunder of inviting people who don’t know anyone at the party and leaving them on their own with a glass of cocktail in their hands. It is considered impolite to do so, which is why as a host it is your job to introduce them to others.  Who knows, you may end up sparking some new friendships or relationships.



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