Monday Morning Tips: How to Stay on Top of Your Game this Week

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Serena Williams is one athlete that is always on top of her game. This comes from lots of practice and having the mindset of a champion. While you might not be an athlete, but you are in this race called life and Monday morning is usually the start of the rat race. If your weekend was anything like mine, you just want to curl up in bed and do nothing this week. Sounds tempting, however you already know that it is not an option. There’s so much to do and there are bills to pay. If you find yourself reluctant to face your Monday morning, you are not alone. But there are ways you can stay on top of your game this week. Here are a few Monday Morning tips:


Know what you want to achieve this week

Planning takes energy and many people are low on energy so the temptation to just go through the week and see what happens might be strong. But try to resist. Have an idea of what you would like to have achieved by the end of the week (keep it simple and achievable). If possible, write it down. This will help you face your week with purpose and keep you focused even when annoying distractions surface.

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Be Positive! Think on the Good

Each of us has parts of our week that make us sigh when we think about them. It could be the people we encounter at work or a project that is sucking the lifeblood out of us. Those seem to be an inevitable part of life. However, you do not need to dwell constantly on those things. Think about what you like and enjoy in your week and focus on that. Read some Monday morning tips to get you psyched up for your week.


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Arm yourself with affirmations

Affirmations can do wonders for your psyche. They get you pumped up and can help keep you focused on your goals, while giving you the confidence to pursue them. In creating affirmations for yourself, don’t look at your current reality. Instead, look at what you want your life to be and write a statement to that fact. Repeating it can help you stay centered.

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Don’t procrastinate

Don’t push aside the stuff you don’t want to do. When you procrastinate, you leave a lot of things undone and they slip into the next week. Grit your teeth and tackle the things you need to so that you can face next week with more enthusiasm.


Celebrate each achievement and move on

It is important to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then. When you meet your goals, get a project done, discover something new or groundbreaking, congratulate yourself. But don’t stay there. Move on to the next thing. In the same way, if you make a mistake, don’t remain there staring at your supposed failure. Learn your lesson and keep moving.


Monday mornings tend to set the tone for the rest of the week and these Monday morning tips will help you to meet yours with enthusiasm and joy.


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