7 Nail Polish Trends To Try

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Nail polish lovers usually find a way to keep up with nail polish trends. We love nail polish and a well manicured hand is always a delight. There are so many really good polish brands out there, but one we are huge fans of is OPI.

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If you are like us, you might have noticed that certain nail polish colours seem to be trending. You see these colours at weddings, parties and even in the office. They seem to be everywhere because they are trending at the moment.

Most of them are fall colours, but some aren’t. Whether you are a DIY nail polisher who prefers to stock up on different colours and put them on herself, or you love the luxury of having someone else paint your nails for you, these are nail polish trends you definitely should try.

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Nail Polish Trends


Nude nail polish

This is actually a really hot trend at the moment. Nude (or beige) goes well with everything and brings out the beauty of your hand. It can quickly become a favourite go-to colour for the style conscious. If you are not sure which nude colour fits your skin tone, check this Harpers Bazaar guide to nude nail polish.

OPI Dulce DeLeche

Turquoise nail polish

This was a colour that was spotted on several runways and has quickly caught on. We can’t say how much we love this nail polish colour. It gives us a break from pink and purple and always has a fresh look and feel no matter how often you use it.



Apple Red Nail Polish

Apple red is a versatile colour and is perfect for any skin tone. It also helps that this is one nail polish trend that is always in style.



Sea Blue Nail Polish

This is another one that seems to be everywhere at the moment. We especially love it in matte finish. It is elegant and stylish and is one way to get an immediate update that is trendy.

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Navy nail polish

If you always go for black, you can try this for a change. It is as close to black as you can get without actually going black, but it will give you a different look. It’s also great for those who would love something dark, but shy away from black. We love how versatile it is.

OPI Nail polish navy


Rose Gold Nail Polish

Rose gold is so hot right now that you might have seen it almost everywhere. It gives off a form of sophistication and really looks good on almost any skin tone. Warm skin tones would really rock this colour.



White nail polish

WHITE: When the bright colours are not cutting it just take a break with a sleek white. It is a universally appealing hue. It goes well with long or short nails. When you think your outfit is all dark, rock a white polish to brighten up.

These nail polish trends are all the rage right now. You can get the shades from different brands, but if you want to try OPI, you can get a good deal from House of Oge on Konga.com.


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