Natural Remedies for Sore Throats

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Natural Remedies for Sore Throats

It does not matter the time of the year; a sore throat can just rear its head. You can get a sore throat from viruses, overworking your voice and dry air. We have quite a few drugs but there are natural remedies to use.

Using natural remedies can be the best defense for a lot of ailments, especially sore throats. Natural remedies can include ingredients which you might already have around your house or can be bought in a supermarket.

What Not to Do

When taking care of a sore throat there are things to avoid:

Avoid overusing your vocal cords. Talk less and avoid yelling at all. You want the muscles in your throat to relax. Even whispering and chewing gum can cause stress on your throat muscles.

Avoid going outside if the air is dry and cold.

Try to stay away from spicy or acidic foods that can irritate the inflamed tissue in your throat. Also avoid dairy products because they can cause an increase in phlegm.

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Natural Remedies

Hot Tea

Sipping a relaxing cup of hot tea can do wonders for your sore throat. Hot liquids can soothe irritation and help to reduce inflammation. Try ginger tea, herbal teas and teas that include peppermint or cloves. They can help with inflammation and create a numbing sensation to relieve the soreness. Adding honey and lemon to your tea can help immensely. Honey is a natural anesthetic and cough suppressant, and lemon will help clear out mucus.

Honey & Lemon or Lime

You could make your own soothing syrup with a mixture of 1tbsp of lime or lemon to 3tbsp of honey. You can take it as often as you need to.


Occasionally gargling salt water can help with sore throats. Just mix one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle a little bit, mouthful by mouthful, and spit the solution out when you are done gargling.

Enjoy a Frozen Treat

Sucking on frozen popsicles can help relieve your sore throat. Store-bought fruit popsicles or even homemade popsicles are great. Try freezing orange juice for a delicious vitamin C boost.


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