Olatorera Oniru: Wife, Mum and CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com

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We are always passionate about women entrepreneurs who are working hard to build lasting legacies, but we give a standing ovation to those who are building businesses while juggling the home front. One of such women is Olatorera Oniru, a wife and mother of 2 children, and the CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com.

In an interview with Guardian, Olatorera shared her passion and zest for life. She acknowledged that although Africa was the ‘New Land of opportunities,’ it was not going to come easy.

She came back to Nigeria after a lengthy stay in the US, which included some parts of her secondary education, university and several years working. A look at some of the past positions she held and the companies she worked for show that she is indeed a high achiever. But she has not had it easy.

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Motivated by a need to see Nigeria grow and the poverty rate brought down, the CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com admitted that combining her business and her family requires a lot. In her words…

“I would be honest, from nursing an infant, to assisting a toddler with homework to daily school runs, to ensuring nightly meals are served for the entire family, being an entrepreneurial woman requires strength, vigor and versatility but it is also very rewarding. I enjoy my family, my husband, my kids, my business, my life and everything I work hard for. I am happy and I have reached a point in my life whereby I won’t do anything that does not make me happy. Being happy is very important, it helps me be my very best at all times.”

If you’re wondering how she’s been able to manage it all, you would not be alone. However, she shared that her secret was a very supportive husband. “My husband is an amazing man. We support each other’s ambitions and individually work on being the very best we can be personally and professionally…My husband is my biggest critic and supporter. He helps me be my very best and he sees my dream whole-heartedly sometimes even better than I see it.”

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Checking out the store Dressmeoutlet.com, I discovered that it was richly stocked with several items that were stylish and high end fashion. The items are not low cost, but considering that they are mostly designer wear, they are quite affordable.

Seeing a woman who is passionate and is going after her dream is nothing short of inspiring. What we find remarkable about Olatorera Oniru is the fact that she understands what is truly important: family. We would like for more women to realize that they can go after their dreams without compromising their families.

You can read the entire interview here: The Guardian Nigeria


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