Oraimo Power Bank: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Product: Oraimo Power bank

A power bank is almost like a must-have accessory if you want to keep your phone running in Nigeria. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably owned one (or more). And, you’ve been disappointed. Keep reading to find out if Oraimo power bank is right for you.

Oraimo white power bank

Oraimo is fast becoming a household name in Nigeria, and Africa at large. It is a Japanese owned brand and the first phone accessory producer to offer a 1-year warranty on its products. That’s a lot of assurance, don’t you think. 

Why Power Banks?

Over the years the situation of electricity supply in Nigeria has created a larger demand base for power banks since they were invented a few years back. Only that this not so surprising high demand has left the Nigerian phone accessory market flooded with substandard power banks. And, of course, you can’t know this until you buy and start using one. 

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Generally, power banks come capacities (just like our phone batteries). And, the Oraimo power bank is not an exception.

The need for it has proven to far outweigh the quality consideration. Oraimio power bank, however, has come to be a lifesaver or at least a phone saver with its remarkable power storage capacity and power life span.

power bank by Oraimo

Pros of Oraimo Power Bank

Considerable Charging Power:

The Oraimo power bank charges quite fast and is able to give out a considerable amount of charging power even within a short period of recharge. 

Fantastic Charging Ports:

The charging ports are very good and it charges your phone much faster than most power banks you’ll see around, especially in the Nigerian phone accessory market. 

Very Beautiful Designs:

It comes in various beautiful designs which are portable, making it quite easy to carry around. Depending on the design you buy you can get a bonus gift of a charging cable.

topaz power bank

Cons of Oraimo Power Bank

The price point is high

Just as the quality is high the price is high. You might not exactly call it affordable when you compare it with the prices of other products in the market. And really, it’s quite a sacrifice to get it, but you can be sure you’ll get even more than your money’s worth of it. 

power bank


If you’re considering any of the Oraimo power banks, it’s probably a good idea to know the specifications. The specs below are for the PB 60AR

  • Large capacity: 6000mAh 
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion Battery 
  • Fast output: Up to 2.1A fast output
  • 2outputs: 5V-2.1A;
  • 1A1 input: 5V-2A 
  • Torch:mBuilt-in LED
oraimo power bank

Do You Think I Should Get it?

Absolutely! It has proven to be your best choice in the Nigerian accessory market anyway. Just close your eyes, let go of the money and boom! You have a reliable power bank (say no to electricity oppression). But make sure you get from reputable sales outlets such as Jumia, or a trusted supplier; you know how the Nigerian market is now. Beware of imitation.

– By Esther Orangun

Esther Orangun is an alumni of the Coral Lifestyle Magazine Writer’s Bootcamp. This product review along with other writing tasks, was part of the course work. To find out more about the Writer’s Bootcamp, fill the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.


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