Overcoming Phobias

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We all do have something we are extremely scared off, for some of us we are scared of heights. Phobias have a way of crippling and limiting you from achieving some set goals, that is why it is important to overcome them.

What is a phobia?

A phobia is a fear of something that has reached a fever pitch. People who have phobias for a particular thing often take it to the extreme. In most cases their fears are often times considered to be irrational and irritating to those around them.

There are different ways to know you have a phobia. For example, if you are one of those who panic when you are about to give a speech, you may notice your pulse racing, your pupils dilating and it is as though more blood is pumped into the extremities of the body to fight or flee. This is a typical example of one who has a phobia for public speeches.

Phobias is said to manifest themselves in someone’s life due to traumatic experience in your childhood, experiences you have had to go through and the experiences of others,

Phobias have a way of interfering with your daily routine. For example, there are people who have phobias for going outside. They are called agoraphobics. They would rather spend years inside their homes, afraid to go outside with others.

So, how do you overcome phobias?

The first step in overcoming phobias, is by acknowledging the fact that you have a phobia. Do not live in denial and keep making excuses for yourselves as regards to your phobias.

After acknowledging your phobias, you have to determine in your heart, to overcome the phobia no matter what.

Take it a step at a time. If you need help in overcoming your phobia, you can simply talk to a friend or a professional, who would help you. Do not give up on yourself.

Devise a technique that would help you to face your fear. For instance, instead of having a panic attack, breathe slow and easy until the feeling passes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in having fears, just ensure your “fears” do not interfere in your daily activities but when they interfere in your daily life, it is time to seek professional help to rid yourself of them.



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