Prayer for Unity: 30 Day Prayer for Your Family (Day 23)

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Prayer for Unity: 30 Day Prayer for Your Family (Day 23)

Dear Lord, please shine your light upon my family. O Lord, please give the unity that is meant to be.Give us strength to overcome all of the difficulties that we are dealing with at this time and protect us against any and all problems we may encounter in the future.  May the love that binds us grow stronger as we fulfill all you have laid out for us. Amen.

I want God to have mercy on me has he had mercy on Hannah to bless me with my own Samuel,as in fruit of the womb. (2)












Lift up your family and ask God for unity. Pray that he strengthens the bond between you and your spouse. Ask that simple things will not cause problems between you. Pray that God grants you understanding in dealings with your spouse.

Ask that your children walk in the unity seen in the house. That their behaviour will not be contrary to what you stand for as a family. Lift any unhealthy sibling rivalry between your kids up to the Lord. Ask for love and unity to rule their hearts.

Pray that no outside influences will shake or destroy the unity already there. If there are things causing strife in your family now lay them before God. There is absolutely nothing difficult for HIM.

Wow ladies! 7 days left, thank you for being on this journey with us so far. All the prayers from the 1st day till date are here on our website.


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