Pregnancy Tip: 7 Ways To Get Rid of Back Pain

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Finding out you are pregnant is a really joyful moment. However, pregnancy usually bring in its wake a bunch of symptoms that cause discomfort. One of the most popular symptom is back pain. It is caused by loose ligaments, the extra weight your back has to support and gravity. Just because back pain is expected during pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Here are seven ways to get rid of that uncomfortable back pain:

See a chiropractor

You may have been led to believe that chiropractors only work on broken back bones and other severe issues but this isn’t entirely true. Chiropractors specialize in the spinal cord and are usually trained to care for pregnant women. A chiropractor who has experience with expectant mothers will suggest other activities that could ease your discomfort.


Swimming is the most recommended exercise to ease back pain due to the obvious fact that gravity has no effect in water. Swimming will also strengthen the muscles in your body.

Wear proper shoes.

Wearing high heels while pregnant is a no brainer no matter how fashionable you are. The shoes will put pressure on your back and cause you more pain. Flat shoes are also discouraged as they offer no feet support and will eventually cause pain in your legs. Wear low heels with good arch support or use orthotic shoe insoles.

Use pregnancy pillows

They are those giant pillows that come in various shapes and is specially made for expectant mothers. Let one end of the pillow lie under your bump; the pillow will support your bump so your back doesn’t have to carry all the weight.

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Use Ice packs

Use an ice pack on your back to soothe the pain and slow the pain signals going to your brain.

Sit in chairs with great back support

While this tip wont exactly make your back pain disappear, it ensures it won’t get worse. Sit in comfortable chairs that won’t leave your back hanging in an awkward position.

Most pregnant women have found it helpful to place their legs on an elevated object like a stool or small table.

Take a warm bath

Soak yourself in a warm bath for 10 minutes to ease your muscles.

Some experts suggest prenatal yoga to ease back pain


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