Product Review: Dove Invisible Dry

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Product Review: Dove Invisible Dry

For me, it is really important to feel odour free throughout the day. If you are having issues finding a deodorant to keep you smelling good, Dove Invisible Dry deodorant spray does just that. I have used a few roll on and spray products and firmly believe that this is the best (of all I have used).

There are a few things I like about it:

Long lasting:

It really lasts the 48hrs stated on the can. Once you use the deodorant in the morning, until you are about to bathe at night the scent is still strong on you. I first noticed this in the UK as due to the weather we bathe once most times. Once I used it in the morning, the scent would be strong up to the time I enter the bath the next day.

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Invisible is Invisible:

I know we can attest to having used deodorant sprays that stain your clothes. Dove Invisible Dry is certainly not in that category. There is no discolouration nor chalky particles after you spray it. It is absorbed fully and nothing left to give discomfort.

It does not finish too quickly:

The 250 ml can last the whole month for me. I really don’t bother about running out before the month is over.

With Dove Invisible Dry, what you see is really what you get. It comes for both men and women and is affordable for what it does, so, try it today.


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