Quick Hacks: Turn your old shirts into Trendy Throw Pillow cases

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Today on Quick Hacks, we will be sharing tips on how to turn your old shirts into trendy throw pillow cases. We all love to beautify our living rooms with easy hacks that we have come across somewhere.

Here is an easy tutorial for turning a shirt into throw pillow cases. You won’t need to break a bank to do this, all it will cost you is some old shirts. Any shirt would do for this project but men’s shirts work particularly well as they’re larger, so you have more fabric to play with.

It’s an easy project, all you literally have to do is sew two squares of fabric together!

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

The width of the shirt will determine the size of the cushion insert, so choose one that’s roughly the same width. The aim is to sew the pillow case cover slightly smaller than the pillow insert. This way you get a lovely plump looking pillow instead of a baggy one. To work out the size of your pillow squares, deduct 5cm from the width of the pillow insert, then add 2cm for seam allowances. This pillow has a 50cm insert, minus 5cm = 45cm, plus 2cm seam allowance = 47cm square.

Step 1

Lay your buttoned up shirt flat and smooth out any creases.

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

Step 2

On the front shirt section measure out your desired width from underarm to underarm (in my case 47cms), making sure the button band is centred.

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

Step 3

Measure the same distance down the length of the shirt. If the hem is curved, then the bottom of the square should finish before the curve starts.

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

The square should finish before the hem starts dipping down


Cut this square out. Then cut a square exactly the same size from the back shirt piece.

Step 4

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

Place the two squares right sides together and pin. The front piece should be buttoned up at this point, you will still be able to open the buttons once it’s sewn.

Step 5

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

Sew around all four sides using a 1cm seam allowance. Snip the corners diagonally.

Step 6

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

Undo a few buttons from the button band and turn the cushion right side out. Poke the corners out so they are nice and pointy and give the cushion cover a press.

Step 7

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

You should open all the buttons on the button band and insert your pillow pad. It will probably be a tight fit. Here is the view from the front – the buttons are on the other side.

Quick Hacks,Throw pillow cases

And here is what your finished project looks like!

It’s a good way to refashion an old shirts, quick, fun project this is.

Kindly send us your quick hacks ideas so we can share on our blog, we look forward to your tryout pictures!



Credit: Handmadejane





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