6 Tips for Raising Teenage Children

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Raising teenage children

Raising teenage children requires a lot of skill and dexterity because this is a phase of life that is quite complex for the children. They go through a lot of physical, psychological and emotional  changes, which can be trying for a parent.


My children are not teenagers yet, but I’m always on the lookout, preparing myself for that time. I came across this article which made a lot of sense – I know because I was once a teenager and I have worked closely with several. I’ll share the tips with excerpts.

Tips for Raising Teenage Children


Decide a game plan beforehand

Do not always think negative


Make friends with their friends: Friends are biggest influence in teenage. Teenagers turn to their friends for everything. So it is a great idea to know the association of your teenage kids in a better way. Invite their friends over meals and behave like a friend with them. If they like you they will share their thoughts with you. It will help you to track your kid’s whereabouts. It is a very easy process, isn’t it?


Try to comprehend your kid’s mood

Communication is the key


External pressure can be harmful: Teenage kids get easily inspired by recent happenings and their role models. They like to copy style from their favourite movie star, pop star, and sports person. They start dressing in a different way, try weird hairstyle; they feel a temptation to get tattooed. These things are very natural and if you pressurize them all the time to follow your choice it will make the rebel instead. Give them a little liberty and also try to complement them whenever possible. It will boost their self esteem. Also if you don’t like something don’t just say it, try to give some rational reason instead. It will help them to understand you too.


Source: Quintessential Parenting Tips to Nurture Your Teenage Kids


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