Relaxing During Pregnancy

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Relaxing During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time of great joy, but the closer to delivery you get; you may find it difficult to relax. You have so much on your mind and your body changes do not make it any easier. Here are some tips to help you in relaxing:


Put Up Your Feet 
As you get bigger due to the pregnancy you put more strain on your feet. Walking and standing cause your feet to bear the weight of the body. This is the time to listen to all those around you and put up your feet.

The best way to do this is in bed. Put a few pillows behind your back, and then put the others under your knees and feet. This enables your blood and fluids circulate easily in your body and you’re ready to close your eyes and rest or simply do some reading. Try to do this every night!

Move About
Much as sitting still is relaxing, your body needs to move. Being on the move helps relieve stress and gives you opportunity to process your thoughts. Get up and go for a walk outside the house or walk around your office.

Instead of taking lunch to the office walk out to go and get it from a restaurant near the office.

Lie Down
For a pregnant woman; lying on your left side is the best position. This enables blood flow to the uterus. There really is nothing more relaxing than lying around with absolutely nothing doing. Lie on your couch or bed in the evening and let your mind wander.


Get some Sleep
You need enough rest for a healthy and relaxed pregnancy. There is absolutely no need to feel guilty about a little nap from time to time within the day. If you can just get between 10 and 15 minutes, while sitting at your desk, that will help you through the day. A nap can help clear your mind and release you to focus on your joy.


Have Some Fun
Playing hooky or simply having fun may be all we need to de-stress. Even though you may have planned a busy day, those things will be there when you get back. Go get a massage and treat yourself to some pampering. Just going to the mall and doing some window shopping or shopping for a few baby clothes, can help with your mood greatly.


Enjoy this time of pregnancy and get all the rest and relaxation you need!



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