Make Your Small Sitting Room More Spacious

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At some point in our lives, most of us have had to deal with the problem of living in a small house. We say ‘problem’ because for most women, space is always an issue. However if you live in a small house, there are certain things you can do to make your sitting room look larger than it really is.

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Play with colours in your small living room

Colours have a lot to do with the illusion of space. The right colour can make a room look cozy or much more spacious than it seems. Here are a few ways to use colour for your sitting room.


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Use curtains that are the same colour as your wall.


According to Apartment Therapy, using curtains the same colour as your walls or a shade lighter (or darker) is a great way to get a chic and elegant look to your space. It also opens up your sitting room, making it look more spacious.


Create a focal wall


HGTV recommends that one of the best ways to create the illusion of space is to create a focal wall by painting one wall a darker colour than the others. If you are using light and neutral colours for your small living room, then a dark and really bold colour on one wall can make the space open up.


Choose your furniture carefully

Furniture always plays a big part in the final look of your sitting room. Organizing your furniture takes skill, it is not really about large or small furniture because large pieces might work in some places. These tips will help you choose the ideal furniture for your small space.


sofa to bed



Pick multi-functional furniture


Choose furniture that can serve several purposes. Multi-functional furniture is versatile and can adapt to many situations. Some popular ones are sofas that can turn into beds. An ottoman can also be used as a center table. Multipurpose furniture is actually the best solution for your small living room. There are so many different types of multipurpose furniture out there, choose what works for you.

Note: if you get a really good carpenter, he can replicate the furniture style of your choice.


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Click here for 24 amazing multifuntional furniture ideas.



Choose furniture that is the same colour as your walls.


This is just like using same colour curtains. Using furniture that is the same colour as your walls helps the furniture to blend in and gives an illusion of space. This acts in the same way as glass furniture.


Use mirrors


Using mirrors to create a more spacious living room is the one of the oldest tricks in the book and there is a reason why it is so popular. Not only can a large over-sized mirror double as art work, it also gives the illusion of space and can make your sitting room look larger.



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    I was planning to decorate and remodel the sitting room of my home. All the tips, given this post, are quite useful for me. I want to thank the author of this article for sharing his or her unique interior design ideas with the readers. I will consider the mentioned tips while designing the small sitting room of my house.


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