Using Special Coupons to Show Love

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Valentine’s day is over, at least for this year, but your relationship is still on and you need fresh ways to show your love. It is really easy to take it for granted that our spouses know that we love them, but even the best of us has moments of insecurities, which is why it is really important to frequently show your love. There are many ways to show your love, but have you ever tried using special coupons to show your love? Let’s give you the low down.

special coupons to show love

How to Use Special Coupons to Show Love

Basically, you can create coupons for almost anything and give them as a gift to your special someone. This could have been a good idea for Valentine’s Day by the way, but it will also work for every day as well. So you can print them out and present them to him. The idea is that each time he wants to use one, he can present that coupon to you and you redeem it. If it is something that will take some time to prepare, you can state that he is to give 2 days’ notice (or the number of days you need) before redeeming the coupon.

What to Put on the Coupons

There are so many things you can create coupons for, seriously there is no end to what you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • His favourite meal
  • A dinner for 2 at his favourite restaurant
  • A full body massage
  • A lap dance
  • His favourite sexual activity (that you’re not so keen on)

Really, you can create a coupon for almost anything and if you like, you can give him two coupons for the same activity. The fun of it is that he can only use one coupon once.

Use special coupons to show love

How to Make Your Coupon

You can make it by hand from a plain sheet of paper and give it to him. If you have a knack for design or you just want to try your hand on it, you can use Photoshop or try this free online editor. You could also search online for templates and printables and make use of those as well.

I stumbled on this site, Couponler, that helps you create free coupons and tried it out. It didn’t turn out too badly, it was actually nice.


Spice up your love life by using special coupons to show love. You might get some coupons back in return, you never know.



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