Styling and Maintaining a Ponytail: How To

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Ponytail is a go-to hairstyle for most women looking for an easy but beautiful hairstyle for a short period. If you are getting your ponytail done by a professional, then the styling part is covered. For those looking to DIY ponytail with their natural hair, it’s not as simple as packing your hair up and securing with a band, there are steps to achieving a great ponytail.


Firstly, straighten your hair with a blow dryer. Blow dry your hair in the direction you want the ponytail to go; this is just to make sure that your hair is smooth and laid. Remember to hold the blow dryer a safe distance from your hair to prevent hair dryness and scalp burns. Also apply butter, oil or cream before blow drying for that extra shine

After straightening your hair, smoothen it with the palm of your hand. If you plan to apply gel, apply sparingly (not much is needed as your hair is already smooth) to the front and back of your hair. Smoothen again and secure with a rubber band.

Some ladies have found it easier and more effective to divide their hair into two sections (upper and lower). Start by packing the lower section at the required position with a band then joining the upper section with a different band.

Brush the front and back of your hair to make it even smoother. For laid edges, a few ladies brush almost half of their hair forward. There’s no need for that. Take a brush (used toothbrush is perfect for your baby hair/edges) and make sweeping motions (in form of 7 and C) on the front of your hair. Your front hair should look something like this


photo credit; Pinterest

Or just brush it all backwards.

Perfect ponytail ready to go.

Maintaining your Ponytail.

This is for both the DIYs and the ones professionally done. After like two or three days, you notice that most of the hair is coming out of the ponytail. Some ladies just keep reapplying gel and the front hair starts having this thick about-to-jump out look while the back hair is flying in all directions. To maintain the edges, spritz a little water on the front and back of your hair and apply the gel. The water is to make the hair light and relaxed. The regular black gels sold in every salon produce flakes on the hair. To avoid flakes, use Ecostyler or Edge Control (like Olive Oil, Crème of Nature and many others).





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