Taking Time As A Couple To Revive The Mind, Body And Soul

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With everyone having hectic lives, sometimes the need to take a step away and take time for yourselves is essential. In this article, I’m going to be giving you my top tips on treating yourselves as a couple, and remembering that life isn’t always about being on the go. Taking time out together keeps the spark alive in your relationship, and gives you the chance to catch up and talk about any worries you may have.


Taking time for couple's dinner



Try to aim for one night a week where you can sit down together and have a meal without any distractions. This could be at home where you choose to cook together, or you could dress up and take yourselves out for a meal somewhere.


Whichever you choose to do, consider banning phones and other electrical devices from the night so that you can enjoy spending time as a couple. Taking time to focus on each other can do wonders for your relationship


Cooking together can also do wonders for your relationship. Often we are stressed because of financial worries, but cooking together means you’re spending time and not money on each other. It gives you the chance to learn each other’s preferences with food and also helps one and other improve their culinary skills!


taking time to pamper



Even though it’s not necessarily something that men would choose to do, try and get your partner to come along to a spa evening with you. There are treatments available for couples that allow you to still be spending time together, while relaxing from the stresses of your week.


A good example of this is deep tissue massage because not only will all of your tensed muscles relax, it soothes the mind too. Imagine lying there with your loved one, therapeutic smells circling the room and relaxing music to take your mind away. Trust me, you won’t regret the decision.


If a spa evening is out of the question, why not both take a relaxing bath, light some candles and give each other a massage? Not only is it super relaxing being pampered by your loved one, but it will help keep your intimacy levels high. You might not get a chance to be intimate with your partner as often as you’d like. Taking time to pamper your partner and having the action reciprocated is an extremely romantic gesture.


taking time to relax



We’re all trying to save money to get to where we want to be in life, but you still have to live a little. Take a vacation together to completely take yourselves out of your lives for a short time.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive trip either. Sometimes, the best holidays are when you grab a tent and find a scenic spot to camp for a few days. Taking yourself back to nature is a fabulous way of soothing the mind, body and soul.


If taking a vacation is out of the question, take day trips to places you both love visiting. This could be the beach for a day of sunbathing, sea and sand or it could be something simple like visiting friends. There’s nothing like catching up with friends with the person you love.


So, even if you are saving to buy your own home, or you’re currently studying, there’s nothing wrong with taking time away to relax and rejuvenate.


taking time for fun



Taking time to have fun as a couple is essential. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, going to work isn’t fun and it consumes a large part of our lives. Having fun with your partner is the perfect way of forgetting about work and enjoying the time together.


You could go swimming, bowling, ice skating, skydiving, rock climbing or whatever takes your fancy. Anything that will take your mind away from normal life for a short time can do a person the world of good. 


Taking up a sport together is also a great way of bonding while keeping fit. Sports like tennis where you can play as a double are particularly good for couples.


Some couples find fun in doing tasks around the home that may have been neglected due to work commitments. Why not see if you can redecorate that room you’ve been talking about doing together? Not only is it a fantastic way of spending time together, but you can both be proud of the finished product. Very much alike cooking, it’s also a chance to help each other improve on their DIY skills.





Time for just you

Most of the article has been centered around spending time together as a couple. Even though you probably want to spend as much time with your partner as possible, it’s important to have time away from each other too, so that you can relax and be your own person for a short time.


Going out with your friends is a great way of taking time away from your partner, and allowing him to do so as well is important. They say distance makes the heart grow stronger. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean miles between you, it can mean an evening apart. This way, when you do see your partner again you will not only be pleased to see them but it’s also likely that you will have more to talk about.


If going out with friends isn’t an option at the moment, staying home to do whatever you feel like doing is a great way of relaxing. You could snuggle in front of the TV with your favorite snack and a glass of wine. You might choose to take yourself off for a long bath, wash your hair, do your nails and pamper your skin with a face mask. If your partner is home, simply ask for the space to chill out, and return the favor when he needs it too.


Life takes over sometimes, and although it’s important to go to work and pay the bills, if you’re unhappy then something needs to chance. Remember, you’re only as happy as you choose to be, so choose happiness!


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