Is “Throuple” Really a Thing?

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Double dating out, throuple in!


There is no doubt that the world and the way we see ourselves is changing rapidly. If you don’t go on social media or turn on the TV every once in a while, you are going to be stuck in the past and end up being called “old school” or worse “uncool”.


One aspect of our lives that has really changed is relationships. Relationships have changed more in the past 2 or 3 decades than they did in centuries. Now people hear about threesomes and  same sex relationships and rather than reach for holy water or resorting to name calling,  most shrug or even offer congratulations.



Recently I was watching a TV show and a scene of what you may call an unconventional relationship came up. Two men and one woman were in a relationship (a polyamorous trio) and it was called a throuple.


Of course the first thing I did was to check if it really was a thing as these TV shows tend to create a different version of reality. To my surprise, it really is a thing. There are a number of articles and Youtube videos concerning throuples.


What really is a throuple?

A throuple is a relationship between three (very aware) individuals. I know what you are thinking – sounds like double dating. Except that isn’t. With double dating, one partner is usually not aware of the next. But in the case of throuples, not only are they aware, they are fine with it and actually go on dates together, buy gifts for each other and other things regular couples do.


According to those who have been in that sort of relationship, it’s not about having threesomes every night, it’s about love and communication.


Whatever happened to the old fashioned relationship between one man and one woman?



Where is it mostly practiced?

The concept is more common within the United States than any other place. Africans will most likely spit in the face of this trend as we are really set in our ways.


Is it legal?

Rather than say an outright no, I would say for now, three way marriages are not recognized by any state. Pretty sure there are several people who thought gay rights would never see the light of day but look where we are now. Truth is, we are more accepting than we were a decade ago.


Also one or two throuples are not shying away from the camera but trying to raise awareness and gain acceptance by telling their story.


What do you think? Would you throuple?


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