Tips For Travelling With Children

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As a mum, occasions would always come up where you have to take your children on a journey with you. If you are going by air, your difficulties are cut in half but a journey by road is usually long and even longer when yourchildren are complaining all through the journey. Traveling with kids could be tedious but there are precautions to take to ensure it’s not a difficult journey.

To avoid the numerous “please mummy” you would definitely hear, here are  4 items to carry along with you to ensure your journey is smooth and stress free.


Food & water

Children get hungry easily and you wouldn’t want to stop every now and then to search for food. Take food along in a cooler with small plates and spoons so you can feed them whenever they feel hungry.



Something to play with

Some children find it entertaining to watch the road and trees so it keeps them occupied most of the journey. If, however, your child is easily prone to boredom, take along a picture book or toy, Game boy etc. to keep him or her entertained. Your mobile phone could serve as distraction – if you are comfortable with giving your child your phone.



Empty container

Your child might just develop a tendency for motion sickness on the journey and if one of them is ill, the likelihood that there would be barf all over is very high. The empty container is for your kid to throw up in if need be.



Children like everybody else would want their favorite snack if it keeps getting paraded in front of them. To avoid buying snacks on the road, pack a little of their favorite snacks for the journey. Taking snacks along would also curb covetousness in kids.


Also take along toiletries and any medication your child might need


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