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How much water should you take in a day and what can you do to make sure you meet your water quotient for the day? An app that can help you track water intake seems like a good idea, but which app will fit your lifestyle (not to talk about your operating system)?

Below we take a look at several apps that will help you to track water intake so that you can meet the daily requirements. You are probably wondering why on earth you would want to track your water intake. Okay, so maybe not, since you most likely already know that you need to drink water. The question though is…

drink more water

Why do you NEED to drink water?

Seriously, why?

Water is life and without water, we would die of dehydration. Human beings can only survive for 3 days without water. That alone is reason enough to drink water.

So we all know how important it is to drink water every single day. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that most of us drink just enough to keep our internal organs from collapsing.

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track your water intake

So how much water is enough per day?

Answering this question that is not as simple and straight forward as it seems. For years we’ve heard “drink 8 glasses of water a day” and while that seems reasonable…well, to be truthful, it never did seem reasonable to me.

I always had so many questions surrounding this 8 glasses of water controversy. Stuff like:

# what type of glass exactly made up 1 glass. Growing up, there were glasses of different sizes, how could one know which glass was the recommended glass?

# did a child have to drink the same amount of water as an adult? What of a person who was much bigger and heavier than the next person?

# would a person with a sedentary lifestyle still have to drink the same amount of water as a really active person?

# what about other drinks (like electrolyte drinks), did they count as ‘water’?

The questions were endless.

Apparently, I was not the only one asking questions. Over the years, there has been a controversy about how much water really is enough per day.

The amount of water you need each day is going to depend on a number of factors like your size, your lifestyle and your gender. 6-8 ounces each day is still the standard (and not 8 glasses).

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), 2 liters of fluid for women and 2.5 liters of fluid for men is enough.

So we agree that water is good for you, but why should you drink ENOUGH water? We’ll share a few reasons with you.

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track water intake benefits

Benefits of drinking water

Very quickly, here are the major reasons why you should drink lots of water, not too much because yeah, it is possible to drink too much water. Another reason to track water intake.

Aids in digestion:- Water helps your food to digest and if you’re suffering from indigestion, drink some water.

Water helps with weight loss:- If you drink water before your meals, you tend to eat less. Also, it helps to flush out the harmful toxins that cause weight gain.

Drinking water relieves fatigue:- When you are tired, a refreshing drink of water can be invigorating.

Natural anti-aging:- Water improves the elasticity of the skin and has natural anti-aging benefits.

Boosts the immune system:- Drinking lots of water boosts your immune system so that you don’t fall ill too often.

Water has calming properties:- If you watch old movies (or Indian movies), any time a character is getting all worked up and upset, a cup of water appears. That is not a coincidence. Half a cup of water can reduce your cortisol levels (which is a stress hormone by the way). Drinking water can reduce your stress levels.

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track water intake

Apps that can help you track water intake

We have established that drinking water is good for you. Nay, it is mandatory if you want to live a good, quality life. But how can you make sure that you drink enough water?

There are several ways to achieve that. A simple way is by writing a reminder and sticking it to your fridge with the help of a fridge magnet. But if you want something more sophisticated, or a reminder even when you are not at home, then any one of these apps will do just fine.

1. Waterlogged

This is for those who use ios. Waterlogged is another app that helps you track water intake. You can add your favorite water cup, which makes it easier and faster to log in your water intake. It also has the pro version ($3.99), which unlocks reminders to help you keep on track.

track water intake with waterlogged
2. Daily Water

Need a little positive reinforcement as you set your water goals, then Daily Water is just what you need. Not only do you get to set your water goals (although you can use their preset goals), but each time you log in a drink of water there’s a little celebration. That is certainly something to look forward to, right? It’s available for both Android and Apple and you can get the Daily Water app on the itunes or Play store.

3. Aloe Bud

A really cute app, Aloe Bud helps track water intake, but it is more than just a water drinking app. It is more of a wellness app that lets you give gentle reminders to yourself about your self-care routine. So you have reminders like rest, breathe, hydrate, relax… whatever you feel you need more of, really.

track water intake with plant nanny
4. Plant Nanny

Own a plant and see your plant thrive (or die) as you drink water. Your daily water intake has real consequences for your plants. Plant Nanny is a bit stricter than most apps about daily hydration and is great for those who tend to go without water all day. Plant Nanny is available for Apple and Android users. Get it here.

5. Aqualert

Another app that is also available for Android and Apple users, Aqualert is a water intake tracking app that helps you build a water drinking habit through its reward system. The water drinking tips are also really great. And you can share your water intake too. You can get it here.

6. My Water Balance

This is a great water intake tracking app and it’s extra special because you can track water intake right from your Apple watch. And yeah, it’s for IOS and Android users. Record your fluid intake and get notifications to hydrate. Oh and best of all, all fluid counts towards your water intake – yes, that includes that cup of coffee as well. Get it here.

track water intake with drink water reminder
7. Drink Water Reminder

Drink Water Reminder uses your weight to tell you how much water you need to drink, then lets you track your water intake. This app is easy to use and is a great way to remember to stay hydrated. You can get it here for Android users.

8. Water Time

This app is for busy people who don’t remember to drink water. It’s all about drinking water, not just any old fluid, just water. You can start gently, then gradually increase the level of water you consume, and that is awesome. You can track water intake without pressure. Get it on iTunes and Play store.

track water intake with hydro coach app
9. Hydro Coach

Hydro coach is a really lovely water intake tracking app. Perhaps one reason why we love this app is because it helps you calculate how much water you really need, then tracks how much you are drinking and sends a gentle reminder so that you get off track. It’s a really handy app to help track water intake. You can download it directly from Google Play Store here.

How do you track water intake?

Do you track your water intake or do you just drink on the go? If you are a water drinker, you probably don’t need to track your water intake. I am a terrible water drinker, but writing this article made me thirsty and I probably drank more water than I usually do.

That said, I will be tracking my water intake. Will you? Which of these hydration tracking apps do you (or will you) use? Share.


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