Traveling Solo? 5 Tips To Make Your Trip Less Boring

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At some point, we all have to travel and sometimes we have to travel alone. Traveling alone can be a bore especially if it’s a long trip. The constant staring ahead hoping for something interesting to catch your eye, the restlessness of sitting in one place for so long, it really can be quite tedious when there’s nothing to do.Want to make your trip less boring? Here’s how:


Get friendly.

Lots of relationships started from a conversation during a long journey. Striking up a conversation with the next person will keep you occupied for a while and open you up to different points of views, especially if you don’t have the same cultural background. Depending on how interesting the person is, the conversation could last the whole trip and lead to an exchange of contacts.

If you are not the chatting type or your sitting partner isn’t the chatting type, you are going to need plan b.




Nerd it out

Take out whatever book you’ve been reading or have been meaning to read. You are going to have a lot of time on your hands, especially if it’s a long trip.



Get your beauty sleep.

If you are a career person or a parent, you probably haven’t slept well in a while. Make yourself comfortable and go right to sleep. You need it.




Whip out your gadget

Nothing keeps you entertained like your phone/tablet/computer. Watch movies, go on social media, listen to music, play your favorite games and before you know it, you’ve arrived at your location. Time just flies when you are engaging in interesting activities.



Work work work.

This may just be the time to make headway in that three-month project, the time to send that overdue email. Whatever work you may have on your figurative desk, a long trip is the perfect opportunity to make progress.


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