This Tress App Will Give You Hairspiration

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Figuring out what hairstyle to make is a chore almost as much as figuring out what salon or hair stylist will get the hair best. Because we know how difficult it is to get hairstyles right, we appreciate good hair on others by asking so many questions like “what hair is this”, “where did you make it”? Sometimes we even go as far as asking for the price even though the unwritten (but absolute rules) of communication say it’s rude to talk price tags.


As a woman with hair, you’ve pretty much wished several times that there was an app or a one stop place for hairstyles. Tress is the embodiment of that wish.


What is Tress?

Tress is a mobile application that provides hair inspiration for black women all over the world. The app  allows users share their location –  by looking at a user’s post (if they took it at the salon), you can know what kind of hair was used, how much was spent and where to find the stylist. No need to bombard strangers with questions of whys and hows. You can also filter pictures by price and location making it easier to find tailored content.




Tress was created by Priscilla HazelEsther Olatunde, and Cassandra Sarfo – female entrepreneurs from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), Ghana.

Founders of Tress
Founders of Tress


Just last month, the Stress team got accepted into  Y Combinator (YC) Fellowship Program. YC Fellowship helps to launch startups still in their early stage of production. The program is an eight-week program, that provides startups networking opportunities with big names of the startup world and $20,000 in form of convertible security.


Personal experience.

I heard of Tress last month when the news hit the media that they had been accepted into the YC Fellowship. I saw that and I was so impressed, I immediately searched for it on Playstore and downloaded. I thought to myself, if they can make it into YC, they are kind of a big deal. Million dollar startups like Dropbox and Airbnb got funded by YC.



I created an account, logged in and I was a bit disappointed with the content. The app on its own was simple to use and looked Instagram-ish (which may or may not be a good thing). For the content, there simply weren’t enough attractive hairstyles. Most of the styles there, I only wanted to know where they were made so I could steer clear of those places. However, this is more of a user quality issue than a technical issue. If there were more users sharing better photos, I would have been insanely impressed.

Tress launched in September 2015. Fingers crossed that it gets better as it gains more traction.


Have you used the Tress app? Tell us about your experience.




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