The Parts of a Wedding You Should Still Do Traditionally If You’re Deciding to Elope

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Your wedding day, just like your relationship is only about the two of you, nothing and no one else has much of a say in the matter! It is easy to try to make your wedding day work for everyone else, but it just shouldn’t be like that. You should do exactly as you please! If you decide that eloping is for you, go ahead and do that, don’t spare a thought on what other people might think. If eloping is for you, there are some aspects of a traditional wedding you might want to keep, just for the memories for yourself and just because they’re fun! Here is a list of the ceremony traditions, that even if you are eloping, would be perfect for you!


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Making Preparations

The first thing you should still definitely do for your wedding, even if you are eloping is to do some preparation first. Make sure you are ready before taking the plunge! Also, it is good to prepare as it builds up the day and gets you more and more excited. Even if you want it to be completely spontaneous and adventurous, there is no harm in a little planning. Just knowing how you might get from a to b, who your witness is going to be, just these little details will help you picture it in your head. A little bit of planning also gives you some time to prepare, so maybe time to look how you want to look and feel how you want to feel: great!


The Wedding Photographer

A wedding tradition that you might feel like skipping out on if you are eloping, but you definitely shouldn’t is getting a wedding photographer! If you what you didn’t fancy was having a whole posed load of pictures where half the family is very bored, it’s still a very good time to get some pictures taken! Just of you and your partner! It doesn’t have to be cheesy at all; you can just get a couple of the two of you together. Go for someone like Vittore Buzzi who is great for capturing the natural moments so that it won’t feel too posed or official! Along the same lines, an engagement photographer would also create lovely memories.


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The Wedding Cake

Having some cake! The cake is a great way to celebrate anything in life and the day you elope is no exception. You don’t have to go for the whole- feeding each other in front of hundreds of guests- part of it, but sharing a lovely cake together (no one else) is a nice thing to do. You could even make the wedding cake together the day before or something, and you really wouldn’t want to miss out on that tradition as you can keep it simple and keep it fitting in with the wedding you want. Think of it this way, having a wedding cake when you are eloping means that you don’t have to share your wedding cake with a single another person!



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The Night Before

Spending the night before alone is such an old tradition, and there are loads of arguments for and against staying apart the night before. It comes from the superstition that it is bad luck to see each other the morning before the wedding. Whether this is true or not has no bearings on if it is something that is right for you and your wedding! It can be a fun thing to do though, even if you are eloping. It gives you time to prepare alone, builds up the excitement and makes the day even more special if you have had a night to miss your partner!


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Your Dress

Wearing a wedding dress doesn’t have to mean that you walk around looking like a pastry! There are so many different types of wedding dresses! That doesn’t even mean it has to be white or has to come from a wedding dress shop. Just a lovely dress that you feel great in is something you should do! It will make you feel more confident and will make the whole day feel even more special.



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The Wedding Feast

Going out for a nice meal afterward. If you want your wedding day to just be about you and your partner, it can be! Inviting a couple of family members out for a nice meal afterward can be a great way get them involved! Or if you just want to go with your new husband or wife, then that would be loads of fun as well! Just remember to take the traditions and make them all your own!




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