What Words Are You Speaking

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Words…such seemingly harmless things and yet the damage they cause can sometimes be irreparable and irreversible. When we think of words we usually tend to focus on the words spoken to us by others, and that is natural because they can either hurt or heal our hearts. However, we too often ignore the words that do the real damage; those we speak to ourselves.

What words are you speaking to yourself?

The power of life and death is in the tongue (that’s in the Bible) and many times we speak death words over our lives. You look at a dream you have and because of the current circumstances of your life or because of your present limitation, you say words like this is never going to happen.

What you do not know is that once you utter those words, the elements hear and the spiritual powers take them and decree that they will happen that way. Even if you do not believe in the spiritual, you have already sealed that thought in your mind and breaking out of that mould is terribly hard. But going back to the spiritual…what if we lived in a world where there were angelic beings hovering around, just waiting for you to pronounce something; then they snatch up your words and take them up to God? What if that was how life really was…? Imagine the things you have said with your mouth about yourself…now do you wonder why you are not yet where you want to be?

What words are you speaking?

Words are not harmless.

You have authority over your life to some extent and words are what you use to express that authority. When you speak negative words into your life, you are wielding your authority in a negative manner and those words tend to take root. We need to be very careful about what we say…the words we speak to ourselves, particularly when we are at that place where things touch us the most. There is a place of vulnerability we can all get to where words are spoken with heartfelt intensity; those words can be extremely dangerous or can be the trigger for your liberation.

Think about what you say before you speak it – even in your private corners. Stop saying words like:

I am tired of life

I cannot succeed

I am a failure

My life is hopeless

I will never be happy

These children will kill me

My husband is useless…


Instead speak life into your circumstance and your life. If you have children that are acting up, tell the truth and then speak life…speak positive words about them. Say things like:

This child, you will be great. You must be a success. Your life will be a testimony. I don’t care what I’m seeing now, but I know that you will be a man of God.

Do the same with your husband. If he is not shouldering his responsibility or is acting in a way that others would consider useless, make a proclamation or declaration about him:

My husband, you will love God and you will love me. You will take care of your children. The man I married is a responsible man. He might be acting irresponsibly now, but he will step up.

Words… They are more powerful than we think they are and the sooner we begin harnessing our words for good in our homes, marriages and in our lives, the sooner positive change can come.


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