What You Need to Know About Naija Housewives’ 30 Days Prayers

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July 2014 the members of the Naija Housewives Facebook page took out 30 days to pray for their men. This was the birth of the NH 30 Days of Prayers for Your Huband. Each day the admin of the page posted a prayer with links to notes on this site and several women got to pray along.

In 2015, we repeated the entire process with amazing success. Hundreds of women read the prayers, a number of them added their own prayers in the comment and many more shared them with their networks. This page is a way to explain what the prayers are about, the motivation behind them and how they work.

What are the prayers about?

The NH 30 Days Prayers for Your Husband is a dream of Sharon Dinma-Fiberesima, the founder of Naija Housewives. The prayers touch on different aspects of a man’s life with the belief that as his wife prays for him, new life is breathed into those aspects. So we have prayers for his head, for his heart, for confidence, for his business/career and for several other areas that most people often overlook.

What is the motivation

We were taught in school that the foundation or fabric of every nation was the home (marriage), yet we see so many marriages failing. A lot of the marriages that fail were probably doomed from the start, but so many more did not need to break up – they had a fighting chance but gave up too quickly.

At Naija Housewives (NH) we believe that marriages require hard work, patience, consciousness and divine intervention and this is particularly true for Nigerian marriages. Therefore the 30 days prayers are designed to fulfill 3 purposes:

  • To show women the state of their heart (and attitude) towards their men.
  • To help women learn patience and understanding for their husband’s weaknesses.
  • To ask God to intervene and touch the hearts of the men.

How does it work?

Before we began, each woman was encouraged to takeΒ the promise.Β After committing to the promise, a prayer is posted each day on this site, the Facebook page and on the BBM Channel. Everyone is then encouraged to pray along and several women decide to post their prayers. There are notes explaining what each prayer is about and why it is so important.

We share the prayer graphics on the BBM Channel as well as the FB page.

We want to see marriages thrive. We want for there to be increased intimacy between husband and wife and we believe that a relationship with God is important to achieve these. Praying not only works changes in your man, it brings you to a closer relationship with God and you are able to see yourself clearly.

If you would like to take the challenge, Go to DAY 1 and begin the 30 days prayers.





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