Why Las Vegas is One of the Most Underrated Places to Live

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When people think of Las Vegas, they think of the busy strip and not the actual city itself. Casinos, scandalous women, and performers are almost entirely isolated to the strip. Beyond the bussing traffic and city lights is a quiet, beautiful suburban city teaming with life and community.

Like many places, Vegas has its bad parts and good parts. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to avoid the bad parts and that includes North Las Vegas, the Strip, and Paradise. After asking las vegas electricians, locals and other professionals what the best parts were, it became clear where we would have to go.

To get to beautiful houses with incredible architecture and friendly communities, we have to go far from the strip to three areas: Summerlin, Henderson and Green Valley.

Las Vegas Architechture

1. Calm Commutes

Believe it or not, a stressful or long commute could be ruining your life. A swedish study found that unpleasant commutes reduce your life span and are associated with increased rates of obesity, significantly higher stress levels and even depression.

In the suburbs of Las Vegas, traffic is pretty calm most of the time. This is due to the 4 lane roads that span across the city and that the major roads all have 6 lanes or more. You can tell that the surrounding suburbs weren’t just casually developed over time – they were planned and it’s obvious with the design.

Living in these areas will save you more than just time with your commute – it will preserve years of your life and dramatically improve your mood.

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Las Vegas

2.  Vegas is One of the Fastest Growing Cities

Las Vegas is becoming more and more popular for homeowners. Skyrocketing prices in neighboring areas such as Phoenix and pretty much all of California are pushing more middle class families to move to Las Vegas.

This increasing population has created a great economic boom in Vegas. It’s a place filled with opportunity and growth. According to one Las Vegas SEO, Bruno Souza, the reason he moved to Vegas from Boston is because everyone is moving there these days and it’s great for business.

3. Everything You Want it to Be When You Want it to Be

Vegas has everything you could need when you would need it. Want to go grocery shopping at 4 am? There’s a 24 hour supermarket in an ear shot. Want to get lit and party like it’s your last day, you have the strip? Want to watch the football game with your friends, there’s a fun sports bar around the corner. Want to go hiking and experience nature? You have Zion, Mt. Charleston, Red Rock and Valley of Fire all within 2 hours driving distance.

Las Vegas - Vegas strip

The point being, unlike other regions, Las Vegas has everything you could want when you would it. Except for maybe a beach. From snowboarding, to jet skiing, to night clubs, to conveniences, it’s fully equipped to handle your needs.

4. The Real Estate is Great

Las Vegas has unique architecture. The houses have high ceilings, are painted with light colors and simply put, feel more alive than anything you would find on the east coast.

For higher end budgets, you’ll find lavish mansions with highly competitive pricing and designs that will make you feel like you’re in a rich man’s paradise.

On top of that, rent and housing is way cheaper than other places. For example, in Massachusetts you’ll get a dump for $1,500/mo. In Vegas, you’ll get a nice 3 bedroom apartment or house for that same price. The reality is that the quality of life in Vegas is significantly better than other locations.


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