Why Tell Your Child “I Love You”?

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Love is a powerful thing and can change a life in wonderful ways. As parents, most of us can testify that once we hold our babies in our arms, there is an overwhelming sense of love. We need to say the words “I love you”

In spite of this initial feeling, many of us hardly say it. Love changes even the one who is loved. Once you say it often enough, there are things that begin to happen in the life of your kids. It begins to change what they know, who they are, and who they will become.

They have somebody to trust: The knowledge that someone loves them, they, in turn, know they have somebody they can rely on and trust. Your kids will know that your actions and decisions are out of love (even if we make mistakes).

You are saying “you are valuable”: Once it is perceived that you love your child for who he is and not because of what they do, they begin to see the true value of life.

Courage is sure: Once you are a loving parent you then become a solid foundation that cannot be shaken. The realization of a strong and stable foundation brings courage and a desire to take risks.

It allows kids time to grow: Your love should be unconditional. In other words through the bad and the good, you should love them. By this, they have time to grow in areas of discretion, wisdom, and understanding.

They are allowed to make mistakes: Saying “I love you” every day brings out the natural manifestation of love and forgiveness. A child that knows he is loved also knows that he will be forgiven for possible mistakes. It must be noted that I do not mean a license to do whatever they like as you will see further.

It offers correction: When my son was 4 or 5 someone asked if his mummy loved him and he was asked how he knew, his answer shocked me “She loves me because when I am naughty she spanks me.” Love provides correction for the loved one. Receiving discipline is much easier when the motive is understood to be love.

It brings joy: No matter the age, young or old, a message of love makes the person smile and gives joy to your soul. It can lift spirits and brings joy.

Fear disappears: The fact that there is constant protection, there is no place for fear. Kids who are loved have a greater chance of succeeding.  They are better equipped for all the challenges of this life.

It helps your kid to love others: Due to the example the kids have seen and the influence it has had on them, they are very likely to show others that love.

It lasts a lifetime: Once you have been told you are loved all your growing up years it stays with you all through life.

Say “I love you” as often as you can, it will change and shape the lives of your children.


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Ije Woko

Ijeamaka Woko is a minister with a love for writing and a passion for young people and the family as a whole. She is married and has 3 boys. A great love for words and reading are a strong driving force for her at this time.

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    Very well said. Thanks for this Ije.


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