J.Crew x – The Extended Clothing Collection We’ve Been Waiting For

J.Crew x is here and we are so excited!

We have always been great fans of J.Crew, particularly their tee shirts, which are so comfortable and stylish. Forget the fact that some of us had to practically use a microscope to search for our sizes when shopping at J.Crew, that is besides sthe point.


J.Crew x Universal Standard Extended size


The fashion industry has not been very kind (or considerate) of we bigger sized sisters and has done their best to force everyone into size zeroes. It didn’t work, thankfully, and they are gradually waking up to the reality that human beings – women – come in different sizes.

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So what if J.Crew has not always carried varied clothes sizes (read: larger clothes sizes), we can’t really blame them. Besides, all is forgiven with the launch of J.Crew x Universal Standard Extended Size Clothing Collection.


J.Crew x Universal Standard Extended size

J.Crew x, the new collection

The collection is a partnership with plus-size brand Universal Standard, and it features skirts, tops, dresses and pants in sizes up to 5x!

Lisa Greenwald, J.Crew’s chief merchandising officer, told MarieClaire.com,

“We have a responsibility to do more for our customers…This collaboration is part of a much larger sizing roll out for J.Crew. This summer and fall, you’ll begin to see more of your favorite J.Crew styles across the brand in additional sizing.”


Each piece is stylish and represents everything we’ve come to know and love J.Crew for. It is as Lisa Greenwald said, they are on a mission to make great style available to everyone.

As for us at Coral Lifestyle, we are clapping our hands with glee!


J.Crew x Universal Standard Extended size


J.Crew x Universal Standard Extended size

Shop the collection here.


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