Kelis launches new pop-up restaurant in the UK

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Most of us who have been following her closely are aware of Kelis’ love for music and for cooking. After she was released from a long recording contract, she went to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and a few years later, took a tour around the world, visiting places known for their culinary fame, like George Town in Malaysia. The result is the lunch of UK pop-up with the restaurant, Le Bun.

The collaboration, Kelis x Le Bun wil be at at London’s Leicester House in Soho for seven days in July, before touring different festivals across the UK.

In an article published in the The Telegraph, Le Bun co-founder, Andy Taylor who taught himself to cook said:

“We both love truffles and classic French food – but we’re also quite unorthodox cooks. Kelis is amazing – everything she’s suggested has worked so well. Really, we’re all just cooking food we love.”



The menu is a curious mix that appeals to the senses. Divided in to “Street” and “Savage”, it is a meld of Le Bun’s French-American style with Kelis’ South American and Asian flavours.

When asked about the menu, Kelis had this to say:

“I wanted the menu to speak to who I am, but also all these wonderful things I’ve tried…I’d say my style of cooking is pretty consistent with me and the way I live,” continues the singer, who emerged from behind the kitchen counter at Kelis x Le Bun’s launch night to help with service and talk diners through the menu. “It’s flavourful, bright and loud and there are a lot of different textures and layers.”

Cooking has always been a passion for Kelis. She grew up helping her mum, who is a chef, and helped her run her catering business.

In an interview with Reuters, Kelis was asked if she intended to give up her music career for a life as a chef, she replied that she did not see that happening as she was comfortable doing the two.

So if you are in the UK over the summer, make sure you stop by at one of Kelis x Le Bun’s pop up restaurants.

Kelis x Le Bun will be at Leicester House, London WC2, on July 6, 7, 13, 14 (all sold out), 15, 16 and 17, and then at Standon Calling in Standon, Hertfordshire from July 28 to 31. To book a table at the London residency visit


Source: The Telegraph


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