Niyola Shares Beauty Secrets and More

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Beautiful singer Niyola was recently in a sit-down interview with Genevieve Magazine. During the course of the interview, she shared her beauty secrets, shut down rumors concerning her love life and spoke on her upcoming album.


Months back, the media was rife with news that Niyola was the cause of the breakup between  Banky W and his lover of 3 years. She was also rumored to be living in his house. When asked about it, Niyola shut down the rumors and went on to say she was ‘very single’:


“I don’t live in Banky’s house and no we never dated… I am very single” and Banky W


It’s not hard to swallow that the rumored romance between her and Banky W was fabricated. Being a woman in an obviously male-dominated world is hard. Being a woman in a music industry densely populated with male figures is even harder. People simply refuse to focus on only your talent, there has to be some juicy scandal attached. You are either someone’s girlfriend or someone’s ex. When asked about the current challenges she faces as a woman, she said


“Being expected to see myself as incomplete because I am not married or remotely bothered that I am not and being pressured to feel so”


Niyola is usually picture-perfect and a lot of ladies won’t mind getting their hands on her beauty secrets. During her interview she was asked for the breakdown of her beauty regimen and she graciously shared;


I clean my face with witch hazel wipes daily, I bathe with a moisturizing body wash, exfoliate with tumeric at least once a week . I use a blend of oils as opposed to lotion because of the heat, and I wear cookie skin as sunscreen. At night I use a blend of sandalwood and cam wood as moisturizer.


Niyola says that her album would be out sometime this year. Something for her fans to look forward to.


Read her full interview with Genevieve Magazine here


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