Complete Guide to Renting a Dress Online

Dress rental companies have been around for a while, but the advent of online dress rental boutiques is a relatively new phenomenon. These virtual stores are the real deal, offering a selection of dresses available to rent for semi-formal to formal events – and just about everything in between.

online dress rental guide

You’re not just confined to wedding dresses or formal gowns in terms of selection (though there’s that too). The best online dress rental business will have whatever you need, be it the perfect LBD for a cocktail party, a sexy and sophisticated playsuit for a summer wedding, or a fun and flirty mini-dress for date night.

Here’s what you need to know about renting a dress online.


1) Designer Style Made Affordable

Buying a dress for a special event can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, but when you rent a dress, you can get designer labels for a fraction of the cost. That floor length, backless brand name gown you’ve been coveting for prom, or a wedding or a gala event can now be yours – well, for a few days.


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2) Realistic Loans

While we often mean to plan in advance, these intentions can fall by the wayside in the light of real life. Thankfully, many online dress rental retailers can get your dress to you within 24 hours of ordering it. Just keep in mind it may take longer if you live outside a major city.

What’s more, your dress will get to you in time for your event, and you’ll have a day or two to return it via post, so you don’t have to run out the next morning to get your dress back.


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3) Accident Insured

Trips, falls and spills happen, and when you rent a dress, accident insurance has you covered. Most places will include this as a complimentary addition to your rental, so if you snag your earring in some lace or tear the hem a bit, there’s no need to worry. Just bear in mind there are limits to this insurance, and it usually caps at about $100 worth of damage. You should still love and care for this dress like it’s your own, but if a little accident does occur, you don’t need to freak out.


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4) Dry Cleaning Included

That’s right! In most cases, you don’t even have to worry about dry cleaning your rental before returning it. Many top notch rental businesses will do this for you, as part of the rental price, so it’s one less thing to think about in the lethargic lull after a major event.


5) Sympathetic Fitting

While it would be great if the sizing were more universal, it’s not, which means even if you are almost always a size 8, there will be times where you are a 6 or 10. It’s just a number, and it doesn’t matter, but if you’ve ordered the wrong size, you will need to get the right one, pronto. Dress rental companies will express ship a new size, for free, so – unless you’ve left it to the last minute – you should be able to get it in time for your event.

Word to the wise? Order a backup dress, especially if you have left renting to the last minute. This isn’t a featured offered by all dress rental companies, but a handful of them will allow you to rent a backup dress for a less than $30 – just in case that first one didn’t look as you good as you had hoped.


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6) Book in Advance

Whenever possible, book in advance. This will ensure you get the dress you want in the size you need. If you leave it too late, you run the risk not having the selection you want. Of course, your perfect dress could be in stock, but if you want to make sure, secure your rental early. Many companies allow you to book six months in advance, which means six months of peace of mind for you.

Every rental service will have its own procedures and perks, but these are the most universal across the reputable and recommended online dress rental companies. So, next time you want to amp up your style without dropping a pile of cash, consider renting a dress. You know what to expect!




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