6 Reasons for Spirituality

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6 Reasons for Spirituality

In considering the last aspect of love in this Month of February, the love for our creator is our focus. Spirituality is an aspect of the relationship we have with God and it is important for us to know how it affects us all.

There are quite a few reasons why spirituality is important to a great number of people around the world. When we think of spirituality, an inward search comes to mind. Here you’ll find seven reasons why spirituality is important.


This is the major reason for most people. The search and journey to something sacred is what makes people want to be better people. When you reflect on who you are it can bring a better understanding of why we exist as human beings, and what our purpose should be.

By doing this, you will more often than not, fully grasp what your purpose is in life and, in turn, have a fulfillment of personal, self-needs.


Believing in something greater than yourself more often than not, gives you confidence in a seemingly hopeless situation. Healing from a long time pain is born of spiritual customs and teachings.


Activities like prayer or meditation help in relieving stress and cultivating peace from within. In meditation, one trains the mind to relax and the spirit to develop in forgiveness, compassion, or serenity. Once you reach that feeling of being whole on the inside, troubles and challenges around you fade in comparison. Research has also shown that health issues are reduced as a result of spirituality.


As you become more aware of the reason to be the best you can be, your life choices become better. For example, you could choose to eat healthier and engage in safe legal activities.

Being more in sync with your beliefs tends to make you a more compassionate person all round. In most cases, spirituality encourages you to be a better person.


There is a great satisfaction when everything works out (for the most part) according to plan. This is the mindset spiritual people usually have. There is a positive view of things going on around, so worry and discontentment are reduced greatly. In the wake of these, happiness and contentment are the byproducts.


Spirituality gives the person a firm reassurance of something to come. For most that are firmly grounded in their faith, there is a reduced fear of death. In the long run, though, it is up to the person to fully accept what he/she has chosen to believe.

From all these things we see that pursuing spirituality has great benefits to us as individuals and to the society we find ourselves in. Love God and be happy!



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Ije Woko

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