An Interview with Seun Sangoleye of BABY GRUBZ

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Baby Grubz Seminar

Tell us about you; what do you think defines you as an individual?

I am Seun Sangoleye, a Mum of 2- 1 boy and 1 girl, married to Wale Sangoleye. I literally spent a lot of my growing up years in the library! I enjoy dancing, singing and making jokes. I’d rather write than talk but I do both very well.

I studied Computer Science at Lagos State University and I tried a few businesses in the university successfully, the major business I pulled off was a partnership with a classmate. Where we ran tutorials and registered students for professional exams in computing. E.g: CCNA. We had to stop when I moved far away from the school area then I got paid employment.

I worked briefly at Skye Bank Plc, Topteck Services Ltd both jobs were as Systems and Network Engineer. I was and still am a top-notch geek


We would like to know more about your business, Baby Grubz. We read your website, but what made you start this line of work? Were you scared?

I started Baby Grubz out of a desire for good health for my son but my passion and discoveries in the process motivated me to start and stay in the business. Baby Grubz Nigeria

I was at a stage where I needed to make multiple decisions about my career, kids, home and self at first it was all confusing any fuzzy.

Yes I was scared, very afraid; my confidence was however pulled from the Word of God. I knew I couldn’t fail while standing on HIS promises. I also wanted to prove to my children when they express fears about the unknown or the future; I’ll be able to confidently tell them “With God, all things are possible.”

I took a study leave from work and applied and attended Entrepreneurship Development Centre run by Africa Leadership Forum then sponsored by Central Bank of Nigeria. I’m forever grateful to my friend who pushed me to go for the program as it became clear to me that I was cut out for entrepreneurship.


What has been your biggest challenge thus far and how have you walked through that?

I’ve encountered several challenges due to the nature of my business. It’s nouveau. I’ve gotten better at explaining what I do, lol.

Two challenges stand out: Getting people to buy homemade food for their infants off the internet from a stranger for their babies ion Nigeria sounds really off but God has been faithful. Thankfully most clients are gotten through referrals.

Also getting people to know that I know what I’m talking about. Fortunately, I’ve got a science background, I studied Computer Science getting back to the sciences was not that hard. I got a UNICEF sponsored training.


You’re holding a seminar on Saturday, 6th of September; what is that about?

As much as healthy feeding is an integral part of what we do, every year, our team organizes The Baby Grubz Seminar to ensure not just healthy bodies but healthier minds and souls of mothers and children.

This annual event has become the premier gathering of Nigerian mothers and children. This year, the event is expected to draw at least 500 women and about 700 children.

The Theme is: Excellence in motherhood: “Learn smart options to keep your sanity and everything else together!”

Participants attending will get meet and engage other like-minded mums in a serene environment to learn and support each other as well as do some shopping or even swap notes!


Note: You can find out more about the Seminar here.


How has being a mom changed you?

In more ways than I can imagine. I think about them first before I make any decision. I thought I could never be patient until I became a mom!

I’ve made a lot of personal discoveries in the process, my pain threshold, tolerance, super-multi-tasking abilities I never knew existed. The love between a mother and her children is so unexplainable, strong and beautiful. I’m really grateful to God for His gifts to my husband and I.


Seun Sangoleye of Baby Grubz
Seun Sangoleye of Baby Grubz


How did you meet your husband?

My husband was the Landlord’s son of my Uncle’s house. I used to spend my holidays at their house because he tutored me in the sciences and maths.

I grew up knowing him but nothing transpired beyond “Hello” or “Hi”. Years later we were re-introduced by my uncle at a function and things got heated up from there o, Lol! He is my King after God, I love that he loves me warts and all.


Where do you see Baby Grubz in the next 5 years?

My vision is to become a household brand with our product in every home with a child and we are currently looking into diversification to help us achieve that.

baby grubz

We would like your advice for moms who want to go into business; how do they get balance and how do they cope especially with a demanding husband?

Not everyone can survive in business. You need to be self-motivated.

Balance comes from setting your priorities from the get go. I don’t have all the answers about balance too because I’m still working on my scale but I have learned to work smarter and not harder.

Fortunately, I don’t have a demanding spouse but if you do, Wisdom is profitable to direct.


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