5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Ready for the New School Year

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Your child might be going through anxiety anytime he or she thinks about the new school year. Going to a new class can be exciting, but it can also be worrying to your little one. Here are 5 tips to help him get ready for school.

1. Talk to your child about the new year

It helps when you talk to your child frankly and honestly. Tell her about her new class and the new subjects she will meet, if there are new subjects. Beyond just talking however, actually LISTEN. Listen to what your child has to say and don’t dismiss her fears, but try to understand and calmly explain things to her.

2. Visit the school if it’s a new one

If your child is going to a new school, make time out to visit the school premises before school resumes. Take your child along with you and show him what will be his new class. This way he does not feel completely strange when school resumes as he would have some familiarity with the school.

3. Get back to routine

This is really important. During the holidays routines usually slip a bit. Most of us are not really so strict about enforcing bedtime or other aspects of heir daily routine. But as school resumption draws near, try to ease them back into the daily routine so that it is not such a shock to their system later.

4. Find out if you can walk your child to class on the first day

If you have a younger child, walking him to class on the first day of the new school year might help him settle better into school. An older child may not appreciate this though and if you get that vibe, feel free to back off.

5. When school resumes, get to know the teacher

Fine out the teacher’s name and get to know that person. Then talk to your child about him or her and help your little one get more comfortable with the new teacher.

The first day of the new school year can be a bit scary for your child but these tips will help you smooth he way for your little one.

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