Rivers Native Soup Recipe

We are happy to bring to you Chef Tokoni’s Rivers native soup recipe. She specializes in elegant presentation of traditional and ethnic dishes. We are sure you will enjoy her posts.



A bowl of Rivers native soup with cocoyam as thickener always brings a broad smile to my face and fun memories…

Or come to think of it, the memories are not all fun memories as my mum always made me pound the boiled cocoyam. I hated that.

Rivers native soup recipe
A scene from a market in Port Harcourt courtesy of @Chalizlens on Instagram


I loved the fun part (eating  this deliciousness), but I really  didn’t like the stress I had to go through in preparing this dish. So I looked for a way around it (the pounding, I mean).

Today, I am happy to share with you a quick and effective way of getting your cocoyam (thickener) ready…and without pounding too.

‘Iku fulo’, which is what the Ijaw people of Southern Nigeria (particularly Rivers state) call this dish, is Rivers native soup which makes use of red cocoyam as thickener. It is accompanied by the freshness of the sea food (periwinkles, prawns, mollusk etc.)

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Port Harcourt - Rivers native soup
Photo courtesy of @Ovyay on Instagram


The rich flavour makes it a prized and special meal, which is mostly served at ceremonies and important occasions.

I hope you try this Rivers native soup and if you do, let me know what you think.




Tokoni Wakama IreneA food enthusiast and photographer, Tokoni wakama Irene is passionate about preserving the authenticity of African delicacies, ensuring that our cultural identity as regards food isn’t lost with the infusion of the western culture.

She hails from Okrika in Rivers state of Nigeria and loves to cook, write and travel.




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