What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love

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One of the hardest things in the world is falling out of love. Not only do you have to deal with missing the person who you once thought was your soulmate, but you also have to handle the pain of losing the life that you thought you were going to share with them. Here are some tips on what to do when your relationship ends.


Delete Your Facebook

There’s nothing like social media to kick you when you’re down. If you’re dealing with the end of a relationship, nothing will make you feel worse than scrolling through Facebook and seeing smiling pictures of families who seem to have everything and couples who are still ridiculously in love. First of all, remember that on social media, people only show you the parts of their lives that they want you to see, so the arguments are resolutely left out. Second of all, and most importantly, the best reason to delete your facebook temporarily is that you don’t want to see what your ex is doing. It will hurt you, and it will be terrible. Focus on the rest of your life instead.


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Get The Legal Stuff Straight

Even if your ex has promised you the world, once the dust settles he may no longer be as willing to give you what you deserve, so it’s important to make sure that you get the legal stuff figured out as soon as you can. Try mediation to keep your problems out of court. What is mediation? It enables you to sort out your problems more cheaply with a mediator helping you keep it fair and civil.

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Talk To Your Kids

If you have kids, they may be feeling unhappy and uncertain about their futures. It’s important to make sure that you’re honest with them at all times about what’s going to be happening but that you protect them at the same time. Even if you feel angry about the end of your relationship, swallow it and keep it hidden – they should be your priority and you need to make sure that they have a good relationship with your former partner. Even if he isn’t your husband any more, he will always be their father.

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Seek Therapy

It’s important to take some time out from your busy life to speak to a therapist. The end of a relationship can make all sorts of feelings flare inside you – you might not feel good enough, you might feel angry, or you might simply be full of grief for the end of something that you thought would last forever. You probably won’t want to tell your friends and family the gritty details of what went on, so speaking to an impartial outsider will help.

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Spend Time Alone

Finally, try to see your split as an opportunity to spend some time with yourself and to figure out who you really are without your relationship holding you back. Even if you were happy, chances are you had to make a lot of sacrifices and compromises. Now is the time to do what you want – watch the TV shows you love and he complained about, to book a beach vacation when he insisted on touring cities instead, to go and see movies that he would have hated. The world is your oyster – go out and take it.





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