5 Easy Banana Smoothies You Will Love

I discovered smoothies a few years back. I was several kg overweight and I did not want to diet. I totally hate the thought of dieting. I strongly believe that I should be able to eat what I want to, except I don’t feel like eating it. But I also knew that I needed to lose weight. I stumbled upon smoothies really, and banana smoothies became my favourite.

Banana smoothies recipes

I am not a breakfast person. I don’t usually feel much like eating until about 12 noon. But in order to get my metabolism started, I needed breakfast. Or so I was told. I discovered that alternating between a smoothie and a small bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit N Fibre cereal, I was able to start my day right. Six months later I discovered that I’d lost more than 10 kg.

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I still love smoothies and banana smoothies are really quite filling. It is important to note that moderation is the key here. You should not drink too much or it might affect you.


Banana Smoothies


#1. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Image: Bettycroaker.com
Image: Bettycroaker.com


I love strawberries. Each time I visit my parents in the North Central region of Nigeria, it thrills me that I can buy strawberries from women who hawk them. They are lush and sweet and when combined with banana, make delicious smoothies.

Ingredients: yogurt, skim milk, strawberries and bananas

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#2. Coffee Banana Smoothie

coffee and banana smoothies


If you are a coffee lover (as I am), you might want to incorporate that flavour into your banana smoothie. Funny, I did not really enjoy it when I tried it. It was really sweet and nice I guess, but I do love my coffee. I thought the banana messed with my coffee. Of course I did not try it with coconut milk so feel free to try it. If you do, let me know if you liked it.

Ingredients: Banana, coffee and coconut milk

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#3. Mango and Banana Smoothie

Image: Flickr.com
Image: Flickr.com


Mango is one tasty fruit and when it’s in season, I stock up on it. It helps that the children love it. My children are not big on smoothies, but when I make mango and banana smoothies, they are all over it. It is really very sweet. I step mine down with another fruit. If you have a sweet tooth though, this is going to be purr-fect for you.

Ingredients: Mango, banana and orange juice

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#4. Orange and Banana Smoothie

Image: ninjablendrecipies.net
Image: ninjablendrecipies.net


I was not sure about this one, but it turned out really nice. I made mine without strawberries and loved it. I love the dash of lime in it. Surprisingly, these fruits work really well together and they are so healthy. If you get a ripe orange, it will make your smoothie even more yummy.

Ingredients: Orange juice, lime juice, strawberries and banana

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#5. Banana Oats Recipe

Image: Pinterest.com
Image: Pinterest.com


I tried this one as well and I loved it. It was a bit more filling than I was used to, but that helped. It meant I did not feel hungry quickly. What I particularly loved about this recipe is the oats in it. Oats are fibre and this help in delaying the rate at which the body turns sugar (contained in fruits) into blood sugar.

Usually I would advice that you avoid honey or any sort of sweetener when making your smoothie, but if you’re adding oats in yours, then a little honey can’t hurt.

Ingredients: Oats, yogurt, banana and milk

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These are banana smoothies I think you will love. If you try any, please send me your pictures. Also if you have your own recipes for banana smoothies, be sure to let me know and I’ll share them here.





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