Brighten Up Your Day Date Look

I’m sure most of you will be well prepared if a guy ever asks you out on an evening date. After all, it’s easy dressing glam for a date in a posh restaurant or bar, right? But have you ever wondered how you would dress if someone asked you to go on a day date with them? Day dates can be super fun, but it can be extremely difficult knowing exactly what to wear. It can be tricky figuring out just how much you need to dress up, or whether it’s quite alright to stay casual.

So, how should you impress your guy on your very first day date together? Here are my best tips.


day date look
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Go For Smart-Casual


It’s probably best not to dress in too smart clothes. But, of course, this will depend on what you are going to be getting up to on your date. If it’s a formal lunch, then you will be fine getting a bit glam. But, generally speaking, it’s always better to stick to smart-casual. You can dress up your favorite pair of jeans by adding a smart blouse or blazer, or dress down a sophisticated dress with a casual denim jacket.


Dress For Comfort


When you are browsing the rails in your favorite dress boutique for a cute little dress to wear, it’s important that you always go for comfort over style. Dates that take place during the day tend to be a bit more active than ones in the evening. For instance, he might want to take you on a long walk or for a round of crazy golf! Because of this, you should try and make sure that your outfit is very comfortable and perfect for any situation that you may be put in!


day date tips
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Tone Down Your Heels


Heels are perfectly fine in the evening if you know that you will be seated at a restaurant, cinema, or bar for a long time. However, if you think that you will be on your feet and quite active for most of your day date, then you might want to give your high heels a miss. Alternatively, tone them down and wear some kitten heels rather than stilettos. Your feet will definitely thank you for this, that’s for sure!


Easy Hair And Makeup


There’s no point spending hours in front of the mirror trying to do your hair and makeup for your day date, That will certainly be a bit too over the top, but will be perfectly fine for an evening date. Keep your makeup natural and relaxed, and put your hair in an easy style, such as a high ponytail or top knot. Just make sure that your hair is in a style that won’t need too much attention when you are out on your date.


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So, there you have it. Fashion for your next day date doesn’t have to be too difficult, as you can see! As long as you keep your look laid back and relaxed, you will look great no matter what you wear!


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