10 Home Decor Ideas with greenery & budget-friendly ways

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home decor ideas with greenery

It is not important where do you live, but it is necessary how you live! Your home is the place where you spend most of the phases of your entire human life. Home is the place where you create memories that becomes the cause of your happy survival. It is, therefore, with no much surprise, that how you decorate the place you stay is very much essential. Certain times people wonder how they would manage to decorate their homes with the commodities that fetch them both comfort in life and convenience in their budget. It is not necessarily practicable that your home must be extensively expensive for providing your convenience.  

There are multiple ways in which your home can be decorated well, with keeping in mind all the factors like comfort, convenience, luxury, aesthetics, and most importantly, the budget. Small small parameters used to decorate your home can energize your home’ vibe and at the same note prove affordable. There are specific ‘Do it Yourself’ concepts that can help you in decorating your house better. We have compiled here the list of ten such home decor ideas with greenery & budget-friendly ways that you can apply while designing your home decor.

1. Place the Shrubs:

Just imagine a lush green living room of the home you are dwelling in right now. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? You can place small shrubs in the immediate corners of your living room to make it more natural and inviting. The green atmosphere of the shrubs will let you feel freshen up in your home. You can save your plenty of dollars by investing in these shrubs and not in fancy show art-pieces. 

2. House of Houseplants:

The marketplace is now capable of selling fabulous varieties of houseplants at a reasonable price. You can place houseplants on your tripods, shelves, television unit walls, and similar places to give your home a cozy look. The houseplants set an oomph in the house and are the best possible natural decorating materials at a low cost. The best types are Aloe Plant, Rubber Tree, Bamboo Palm, and Golden Pothos, which one should keep in mind while decorating the home. 

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3. Artificial also Works Well:

When we are thinking about how we can implant the home with the greenery, we can even use artificial greenery plants. One who is not extreme caring about the real plants can go for artificial plants in their homes. A better idea is to combine artificial plants with real houseplants to give an extraordinary appearance. These artificial plants can even make a better pair with trailing succulents. They can be seeded in the jars over the artificial plants to accompany them completely. 

4. Hanging Plants:

Well, hanging is not always a bad option. In this context, the hanging plants suit the best. Filling your walls with mere paints is not the only alternative left now. You can hang the plants and let them swaying in the air with fairy lights. You can make a connection between them through an extension cord. The hanging plants along with the floral frames, or the floral artwork on the wall in enough for establishing perfect decor goals. These hanging plants will help you twice. One, they will decorate the place well. Two, they will help in creating a fresh breeze for the place.

5. Make Flower Shelves:

One of the best ways to make your home a better place is to make flower shelves and decorate it. This idea of making flower shelves in-house can give you a feeling of your in-house personal garden. The shelves can be either decorated by the plants as well. You can place them alternatively to the flower pots. You can make a trolley shelve, which makes your effort easy to clean it and put the fresh flowers or plants into the shelves back.  

6. Customized Commodities:

An easy and ever-new way to decorate your home is to keep customized commodities. These commodities are about a change in their arranging pattern as and when required in the way you want. Purchase and place such materials that once reframed, rearranged, or restructured gives away a new glimpse to your home always. It is the best way to save your expenses incurred in renovating your home. 

7. Make wall with papers:

A useful concept of bestowing your home walls with artistic papers is the most elegant amongst ‘Do It Yourself’ thoughts. In comparison, it is more expensive than wall paints. However, it stands out because of its significance. Even a small piece of wallpaper is sufficient to highlight a small space out of the room. You can give a unique texture to the painted wall with a wallpaper that precisely matches it.

8. Be penchant about details:

If you are talking about decorating your home, you must be very careful about even smaller than small details. A slight change in the home decor can add a character to its entire getup. For example, you change the handles of your wardrobe, and it will add dollars to your room design. Replacing the shades of your home can help you decorate your home prettier. Changing lighting aesthetics can make your home appear entirely new and out worldly. 

9. Install Wood furniture:

Particular modern concepts of furnishing pressurize on carving wooden furniture in your homes. Many houses prevail with a wooden window frame that sets an unusual yet attractive vibe. Some current houses furnish wood door or railings that are rare to witness in this era of luxury and lavish features. You can decorate your home with wooden furniture in a way that nothing can do better than that! 

10. Mish-Mash the Furniture:

The idea that generally no one suggests is about mismatching the furniture of your home. Maybe you can put orange-colored sofa-sets in the room which is in white shade. You can mingle the chairs of your dining table and the bar place of your home. You can even blend weird hues like grey and marron to paint your living area. All this will help you decorate your home far better in a bizarre way. 

How does your home look presently? Go, get up, and check it out. If not according to any of these, renovate! 


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