Dear Ladi: My Husband’s Son is Threatening Our Lives

Dear Ladi,

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am happily married to a man who loves me and truly cares for my children and I, but unfortunately He had a child out of wedlock  but kept it a secret till recently when his past came hunting him.

Dear Ladi

My husband worked with one of the multinational companies in Lagos before He retired and started His own company; presently He has four thriving businesses in Lagos and Port Harcourt. Last week, a young man walked in to the compound asking to see my husband. I asked for his identity which he didn’t disclose claiming that all as soon as my husband sees him I will know who he is.

Unfortunately, my husband was not back from work then but He waited until my husband returned. As soon as my husband returned and saw him, he dragged him out of the house and was quietly telling him something but the boy was shouting on top of his voice. And from the things he said, I overhead him say “ This time, I will take what rightly belongs to me and It’s time to let your wife know that I am your son”  With those words, he left.

As soon as my husband turned, he saw me standing in front of the door. Since he knew  I heard everything , He decided to tell me the whole truth; how that he had a child with a lady way back in school days and he further told me that the boy is threatening to do something silly if he (my husband) does not give him a percentage of his wealth.

My husband is thinking about having him arrested but it was revealed that the young man does not have a particular place of residence and the young man’s mother had not set her eyes on him in a long while.

I am afraid, I do not want my family or I to be hurt. What should I do?


Confused in Lagos.


Dear Confused in Lagos,

I think you should involve the police first and foremost. If you feel that your life is threatened, then you should convince your husband to file a report with the nearest police station. Also you can get a private investigator to track the man to where he is. It is possible that the young man is feeling neglected and striking back at the man who abandoned him and that is completely understandable.

See if you can invite him with other family members for a family meeting. Hear his grievances and ask God for wisdom. This is a situation that can quickly spiral out of control if it is not handled properly.

I wish you all the best.



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