Health Benefits of Tomatoes Juice: Natural Health

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Did you know that asides eating raw tomatoes or using it to cook, you can also blend some for juice? When I am talking about tomatoes I do not mean the type that has stayed too long or is almost rotten, I am talking about fresh, reddish, succulent tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes juice contains several vitamins such as Vitamin A, B and K; it also contains iron, phosphorus and magnesium, which we all know are good for our health.

While cooking tomatoes we kill most of its nutrients,  that is why it is advised we make juice from the tomatoes to drink, thereby giving us direct access to the various nutrients.

Some Health Benefits of Tomatoes Juice

  1. It contains lycopene, helps to prevent prostate cancer.
  2. The water and fiber content in tomato juice improves digestion by preventing constipation.
  3. It also prevents diarrhea and common infections.
  4. It helps reduce high cholesterol levels.
  5. It contains vitamin K which improves the eyesight.
  6. The vitamin K content in it, helps strengthen the bones.
  7. It helps prevent heart diseases, because of its niacin, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6 content.
  8. It contains antioxidants which are very good for asthmatic people.
  9.  It helps prevent kidney and gall stones
  10. Tomato juice helps prevent  skin cell damage.

These are just few health benefits of tomatoes juice.

You can have some blended, refrigerated and served alongside your meal, chilled!!!!……..


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