Customer Complains That Malaville Doll is “Too Dark”

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As Africans, we always get to that point where we think maybe the world is really starting to see that all people are beautiful and created equal. We live in this bubble till a douche-bag goes on social media and makes a wildly inappropriate comment just to sound relevant.


Malaville by French model, Mala Bryant is a company that produces dolls with dark skin and natural hair to prove a point about diversity. Now you can take your little girl to the toy store without having to answer the questions of why all the dolls are pale skinned. The Malaville dolls each have unique characters and a different backstory.


malaville doll


A customer went on Malaville’s Instagram page to complain that one of the dolls was “too dark” and as a result will not make a lot of sales.


Instagram comment


Excuse me? Too dark? What does that even mean? The assumption that a darker skinned doll would not bring in much sales is so unbelievable that it leans more on the stupidity scale than the racial one. It’s just like saying a dark skinned girl is less likely to make friends.


This is Malisha. The doll that is "too dark"
This is Malisha. The doll that is “too dark”


I do love the response that was given to the customer. It made a point without being insulting and that’s great. But this just goes to prove that we haven’t made as much progress as we think concerning racism if people constantly have to explain that dark skin is beautiful too. Honestly, just how long will it take for these racial slurs, stereotypes and discrimination to be completely wiped out?


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