Unleash Your Inner Traveler In These Easy Steps

A lot of us like to consider ourselves travelers or adventurers if not for that “one thing” holding us back. We look at pictures of people in exotic places and say “this could be me if only I had money” or “if only it wasn’t so hectic at work”.

Truth is, as long as you are not truly ready to travel, there’s always going to be that one thing stopping you.


Sydney Opera House, Australia
Sydney Opera House, Australia


There are some who are born adventurers – they can’t sit in one place for too long and are always looking for the next sight to see, food to try and town to visit. The rest of us are just comfortable binge watching TV shows with a big cup of ice-cream. If you are the sit-at-home type, you are going to need more than wishful thinking to get off the couch. You are going to have to lure out your inner adventurer with these easy steps:


Expand your palette

The next time you go to a restaurant, don’t order your regular, try something different. If you are not comfortable trying a different kind of soup, you probably won’t fare well in a different country with a whole new restaurant menu.





Planning is the key to getting things done. Map out on your calendar or organizer the period you would like to travel and work towards getting those days free. You can also plan your trips around public holidays.



Just the way you would save money for that pair of red bottoms or the new iPhone, you can also save for a trip. Create a budget of how much you will need for your journey and work towards reaching your goal.




Start small

If you are not much of a traveler, try not to make your first trip be across the Atlantic Ocean.  Start by visiting tourist attractions around you on Saturdays. If you enjoy that trip, you can try visiting a different state next time. Work your way up.


It’s safer and smarter to start small. Also try to do a little research about where you are going – don’t make your decisions based on your friend’s decisions. You two might have different interests. Imagine the heartbreak if you spend half your savings on a trip to Milan and it turns out you’re not much of an art or fashion fan.





Look out for travel packages

If your reason for not travelling is funds, watch out for the periods when tickets are cheaper and travel then. Also keep your eyes peeled for discounts and packages (vacation deals).


Get inspired

Follow popular traveler photographers on social media to see exotic cities through their lens. Beautiful experiences of others have a way of inspiring us.


Image: Instagram|@expertvagabond
Image: Instagram|@expertvagabond

Stick with any of these tips and you will be a regular traveler in no time


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