Going Back to Work Tips for Mums After a Long Career Break

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going back to work tips for mums

Recently a good friend approached me for going back to work tips for mums. After more than seven years as a stay at home mum, the decision to go back to work was thrust on her when she was approached by a top company. She had been very good at her job before she quit to take care of her children, and though she felt she was ready to go back to work, she was not very confident about the decision. Seven years was a long time, would she be able to cope with the changing scenes of the workplace?

Her dilemma is what many re-entry mums face, particularly if you have been out of work for over five years. These top re-entry mums tips for getting back to work was posted on workingmother.com and they are actually spot on. Here are a few excerpts:

Focus on your Strengths. Before you begin updating your resume, pause to reflect on your skills. This is not about what you did in your past career, what your title was or where you worked, but rather about what you loved and what made you succeed. Think about what projects made you most proud and what environments you thrived in. What were your best skills? Where did you feel you made an impact? An honest assessment of your skills and strengths is key in helping you decide where you want to go now.

Do a Tech refresh. No matter where you want to work or what you want to do, technology will be a part of it. Take time now to update your tech skills and learn about the important tools that drive business decisions today. Simply updating your social media acumen isn’t enough. Analytics, coding, customer relationship management and Big Data are all huge parts of today’s business world. The more you understand these concepts, the more likely you’ll get hired to work on them—or will manage people who do. Look for programs and workshops in your area from companies that offer advanced technology training to non-techies. If kids can learn it, so can you!

Get Ready. Making the decision to go back to work doesn’t mean you’re prepared on day one. Consider these questions: Are you up on the latest business news and trends in the industries that interest you most? Are you proficient with today’s business collaboration and communication platforms? When was the last time you presented professionally? It’s important to build a “personal infrastructure” to ensure your transition is successful. Don’t forget to think ahead to new needs such as afterschool care. Be ready the instant you find that great new role, so you’ll have the confidence and preparedness to shine.

There are other tips on the working mother website, but if we are to add ours, we would say Get a support system! This is essential. Have people around you who can help. It could be your mum, neigbhour or the house help. You need to have a backup.

Visit workingmother.com for more tips.



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